Fortnite Easter Eggs For Chapter 2 Season 3 That You Should Not Miss

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Easter eggs are very common to find in Fortnite Battle Royale. It seems like every season has its own Easter eggs that players can discover as they play. The newly launched Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is not an exception at all. Interestingly, these Easter eggs are manifested in many forms. They can be tributes to certain pop culture icons, a nod to past Epic game titles, a tribute to past Fortnite seasons, and many more. The previous season came up with many interesting Easter eggs including a POI called “Camp Cod” that features items from the past Fortnite seasons. It also includes some pop culture references like The Fancy View (a nod to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), the Crash Site (a nod to Lost), and even Homer’s Purple Donuts (The Simpsons). Today, we’re listing down some notable Fortnite Easter Eggs for Season 3 that we have discovered so far.

fortnite easter eggsTeddy Bears and Gnomes Survived

Last season, we were introduced to an interesting yet mysterious side story about an epic battle between Teddy Bears and Gnomes. It is one of the secret Fortnite Easter eggs that come with their own secret challenges that you can only discover upon visiting their respective POIs. If you managed to complete all the challenges, you should know that the war between the two parties is now over. Interestingly, after the devastating flood event that swallowed nearly half of the old map, the Teddy bears and the Gnomes managed to survive the catastrophe. They are seemingly in good terms now. Located at the Southwest of the Authority (former Agency), you’ll find an isolated platform featuring both Teddy Bears and Gnomes doing random things under the sun.

fortnite easter eggsMidas Golden Chair

One of the most unforgettable Fortnite Easter Eggs from Chapter 2 Season 2 is the infamous Golden Chair of Midas. The chair was first found in Midas’ office after it went missing. The chair was slowly transported outside the Agency and eventually ended up in one of the houses in Salty Springs. After the flooding event, Midas chair is somehow rescued by the No Sweat Insurance company. As we all know, their signboards are almost everywhere and it seems like they knew what will happen. Interestingly, Midas’ golden chair can now be found inside the No Sweat Storage building located on the Eastern side of the new Frenzy Farm.

fortnite easter eggsThe New Yacht

After the major event from the previous season, Deadpool’s yacht is one of the landmarks that managed to survive. Unlike The Shark and the Grotto which are both left to ruins, the Yacht surprisingly survived. We know that this season introduced us to a new secret battle pass skin which is Aquaman but it is still wonderful to see that they left all the Deadpool references in the Yacht. The Yacht drastically transformed into a bigger vessel but you can still spot all the Deadpool references including the huge statue and a bunch of Deadpool posters. Definitely one of the interesting Fortnite Easter eggs for this season.

fortnite easter eggsMeowscles Is Still Around

Although Epic did not share any information about Meowscles’ whereabouts, it is still clear that this adorable yet tough character is still around. This new season introduced us to a character named Kit, a kitten version of Meowscles and apparently Meowscles’ son. Kit is a new boss to a new location called Catty Corner. If you explore the facility, you’ll find a dining table with two cat food bowls on it. There’s a large one with an M symbol for Meowscles and a little one for Kit. You can also spot Meowscles training equipment on the opposite building.

fortnite easter eggsThe Redacted Door

Just like in Season 2, the Redactor Door in Retail Row remains to be one of the mysterious Fortnite Easter eggs. The existence of this large redacted door is indeed a mystery and everyone is eager to find out what’s the exact purpose of this POI. They said that the place will play a large role in the storyline. In fact, in the Chaos Rising Loading screen (Week 9 Update of Chapter 2 Season 1), this is one of the landmarks that is being monitored by Chaos Agent. We might expect something from this mysterious redacted door before the second chapter of Fortnite ends.

fortnite easter eggsMimic Chests

If you have experienced playing Fortnite Save The World, then you should be familiar with the Mimic Chests. These are monsters that disguise themselves as Treasure chests. One of the newest and probably most intriguing Fortnite Easter eggs for this season is the mysterious robotic chests that can be found in random location of the map. Unlike Save the World Mimic Chests, these are not monsters and more like robotic statues similar to Kit’s henchmen. We are not sure the reason behind their existence but we’re sure they are introduced in this season for nothing.

fortnite easter eggsThe Secret Pawntoon

If you are lucky enough, you might spot one of the interesting Fortnite Easter Eggs at the edge of the new map. This landmark is known as the Pawntoon, a small pontoon boat that spawns randomly in the water along the edge of the new map in every match. Therefore, this landmark has no stable location. What makes it special is that the boat is remarkably filled with an overwhelming number of loots. There are treasure chests, slurf tanks, ice chests, food boxes, and more. There’s also a motorboat attached to it so you can flee away right after you collected the loots. Definitely a great landing spot for this season.

fortnite easter eggsThe Urinal Man

It is very common in Fortnite to spot some strange structure. Some of them were actually part of the side stories. Last season, we saw weird structures like the Pipeman and the Hayman and even the Truck monster that has been around since Chapter 1. While Pipeman is nowhere to be found in the new sunken map, we spotted a new structure underwater that seems like a giant creature made from urinals. The underwater giant is holding an electric post on one hand and a bathtub on the other. Hayman can still be spotted in the sunken map of Frenzy Farm while the Truck Monster can still be seen underwater. This time, however, the truck fell down the deep ground.

These are the Fortnite Easter Eggs we have spotted so far and we’re sure that there are many others to come in the next updates of Season 3.

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