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Download Dragon City APK – For Android/iOS 1

PublisherSocial Point
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3+; iOS 8.0+
Latest Version8.4.2

Why would anyone make a game about babysitting dragons? And why are millions of people so into this game? Those are the questions that made me download Social Point’s Dragon City. The package I got was not what I expected; I didn’t expect it to be this fun, addictive and action-packed. The dragons that made up this world charmed me, and the world building, dragon raising and intense battles made me thrilled to come back to it every time. Needless to say, I was determined to be a Dragon Master!

Build Your Dragon City

Download Dragon City APK – For Android/iOS 2

The moment you start playing the game, you will be introduced to its city-building mechanic. This allows you to build different habitats and buildings that make up your world and aid you to become a better Dragon Master. All you have to do is go to the shop (the icon is found in the bottom-right corner of the screen) and purchase these structures with your available gold.

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Habitats are where your dragons are raised. This is where you can care for your dragons and feed them so that they grow. But you can’t just purchase any habitat, you need to purchase habitats that are suitable for the type of dragons you have if you want them to be comfortable. There are Tera, flame, sea, nature, electric, metal and many other types of dragons to unlock in the game. Also, habitats are a good source of gold, which the dragons produce as they live there. Placing dragons in the right habitat earns you more gold.

Apart from habitats, Dragon City also has various buildings that you can purchase and place around the map. The buildings you can purchase include Food Farms, Breeding Mountains, Dragon Markets, Kindergartens and more. Each type of building serves a particular function. For example, the Food Farm allows you to grow food you can use to feed your dragons.

Raise Dragons

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The aim of Dragon City is to become a Dragon Master, and that includes raising as many strong dragons as you can. One way to get new dragons is to purchase them at the shop and place them in the appropriate habitat. After you place them in the habitat, you have to feed them if you want them to grow big and strong, something which helps a lot in battle, since the dragons get stronger and acquire new attacks.

Breed New Dragons

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Another way to get new dragons is to breed them. Once you build a Breeding Mountain, you can choose two dragons from your current roaster and breed them to produce a stronger dragon. The end result is an egg, and you must wait for it to hatch in the magical tower before placing the dragon in the appropriate habitat. This encourages a bit of experimentation to see what awesome dragons you can come up with.

Dragon Fights

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Apart from building structures and raising dragons, you also get to fight with them! Once you build an Arena you can head in there to fight other dragons. You can go on Quests and enter Leagues to fight other dragons and win prizes. Once you advance to level 12, you actually start taking part in PvP battles.

At the start of the battle, you pick a team of three of your best dragons. The battles consist of turn-based combat, where you have to attack other dragons strategically (fire dragons are weak to ice) in order to emerge the winner. This gives the battles an element of depth.

Complete Goals to Gain XP

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To help earn more gold and other special items, as well as gain XP that allows you to unlock more habitats, building and dragons, you can complete goals. Just tap the list icon near the top-left side of the screen and see what goals you can complete that day.  These goals are a great way to discover what the game has to offer.


Dragon City is a blast to play. There’s so much to do in the game that you can be entertained for days and months. The city building is exceptional. The dragons are fun to raise and level up. Plus, the combat system is deep. This game is highly recommended!

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