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PublisherGram Games Limited
PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
Size40 MB
Latest Version3.0.0

download Merge Town!Merge Town by Gram Games is a very special game that belongs to its special own game category. In this game, you play the role of a mayor who’s mission is to transform the simple town to a metropolis. In order to so, you have to fill the lots with buildings and upgrade them. As what the title of the game suggests, you need to merge two identical houses to form a new and bigger building. You just have to continue matching and merging buildings and unlock new ones til you form a bigger metropolis. If you think you have what it takes to become the best Mayor, download Merge Town! And see how far you can go!

I personally don’t know what kind of genre this game belongs to but it notably features elements from a casual city building. It also has notable elements from incremental or idle game but one thing is for sure, we definitelty need more games like this. Gram Games Limited is specializing in such games in which they also offer games like Merge Farm, Merge Dragon and more. Feel free to download Merge Town! and let an epic town building begins!

download Merge Town!The Gameplay

Merge Town! follows  very simple rules and mechanics. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you to a set of lands. In every 10 seconds, a box will be delivered which contains the most basic house. In order to progress, you have to wait for another identical house to arrive and merge them. As soon as you merge the two identical house, it will transform into a new building. In order to get the same building, you need to pass through the same process of matching. Therefore, the bigger the building, the lengthier the process will become.

For every successful merge or match, the player earns certain amount of EXP which you need to level up. When a player reaches a new level, the game grants you with additional land which allows you to accommodate more buildings. The higher the upgrades are, the more gold coins you can collect. You can use the coins to purchase upgraded buildings instantly.

download Merge Town!The Longer You Stay, the More Exciting it Becomes!

Interestingly, those who download Merge Town! will notice some notable incremental or idle game elements on it. Some of the game’s automatic features includes the collection of coins and the delivery of crates/boxes. These particular features will work even without the player’s interaction and even when the game is not active.

Unlike Idle game however, Merge Town requires the player’s active participation especially when merging houses. The crate arrives every second and if all the space were filled up, you can no longer accept new deliveries. Therefore, you must actively merge the buildings to constantly accommodate new houses. Otherwise, the progress will be slow.

download Merge Town!Bigger Buildings To Bigger Income

When you download Merge Town! your goal is to transform your town to a metropolis. Therefore, you must aim for bigger buildings. It is very ideal to upgrade the buildings in their maximum potential in order to earn bigger profit. The bigger the building gets, the higher the income-per-second you will receiev which is advantageous in many ways. When you merge bigger buildings, you’ll get bigger amount of experience too which makes it easier to unlock more spaces.

Since you are constantly getting basic building for each delivery, obtaining bigger buildings will consume a lot of time. In such case, you can bypass the merging process and expedite the upgrade by buying them directly from the Shop . Instead of a typical basic house, you can purchase a Duplex or a Cabin immediately. The prices however are exponentially increasing much like how a typical idle game works.

Gift Boxes and New Maps

Occasionally, you’ll recieve Gift Boxes which work the same way with common boxes but the content is randomly generated. Meaning to say, you might receive a bigger building instantly or the other way around. It’s a lucky gift box and you just don’t know what to expect. Interestingly, once it is revealed, the game will give you the opportunity to upgrade it by watching a rewarded video.

Another thing you will enjoy when you download Merge Town! is the ability to explore new maps. Eventually, players can unlock the Sunsetland which takes you to an all new atmosphere. It features new types of buildings and a different currency system too. The Greenland (the basic map) will still progress while you keep yourself busy with the new map.


If you do not like repetitions, this game may not be that ideal for you. The game follows a repetitive process “open, merge and repeat” but you’ll still be able to appreciate the slow progress. Another notable downside of the game is the overwhelming ads and most of them are quite lengthy. Interestingly, you can isolate them by turning the internet or cellular data off. Overall, Merge Town is a very unique game of its own. It’s generally simple yet surprisingly addictive.


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