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PlatformsAndroid 4.4 and up
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Latest Version3.17

Voodoo once again proved that they are indeed the Master of ball games! One of the latest additions to their games is TENKYU. We’re not really sure where the title came from or if it’s really relevant to the game itself but it comes with a simple goal, roll the ball all the way to the finish line. If you have played a classic Ball In a Maze handheld puzzles, then you should know how this game works. The game actually reminds me of Raptisoft’s Hamsterball video game but in a simplified form. If you think you are skillful enough to master and win this game, feel free to explore TENKYU and see how far can you go.

TenkyuThe Gameplay

The mechanics for the game are very simple and easily manageable but despite the apparent simplicity, the players are strongly encouraged to visualize the puzzles carefully and show off the best of their eye and hand coordination to maximize their chance of winning. The main objective for TENKYU is to roll the ball towards the finish line. As soon as the game begins, the game prompts you to a 3D maze. You start off from a predefined spot and your goal is to tilt the screen until the ball reaches the goal.

Take note that the game is done on a level by level basis. It takes you to a series of challenging levels with a varying range of difficulties. The first set of levels are somehow easily passable but the difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. Aside from reaching the goal, you are also encouraged to collect gems along the way. Gems will serve as a virtual currency that you can use to purchase Skins and themes.

TenkyuIncreasing Difficulty

As far as the appearance is concerned, TENKYU comes with a very simple 3D interface which is very common to most Voodoo games. What makes the game even more interesting is the stage which changes dynamically per level. Most of the levels will take you to multiple stages before you can finally reach the finish line. Take note that it is not just about tilting the screen but also strategically moving it while preventing the ball to fall. The wall has different heights and thickness so you have to figure out how gentle the tilting should be done to prevent the ball from falling.

To top it all, you will also encounter various moving mechanisms which make the game even more challenging. Some platforms are moving in a timely manner and you must figure out how to surpass such obstacle without falling. Good thing, the game is not being timed so you can establish yourself an effective strategy to win the game.

TenkyuUnlock Skins

Much like most games from Voodoo, TENKYU also allows you to customize your ball and unlock new skins. Interestingly, you can unlock new skins in many different ways. Each Skin will ask for certain tasks you need to complete. Some of them will require a certain amount of gems which you can collect during the game. You can also unlock other skins by playing the game on a regular basis. Some require you to play the game 100 and 1000 times.

In case you failed halfway, the game will still give you the option to continue. In exchange, you have to watch a retarded video. Ads were also moderately placed on this game. Expect to see ads after every level but most of these are skippable after five seconds. You can even enjoy this game even without a strong Internet connection (or even without).

The Verdict

TENKYU is a simple yet fun and entertaining game that offers a decent amount of challenge that everybody will enjoy. Some levels are frustratingly challenging which is a good thing. Appearance wise, TENKYU offers a simple yet stunning interface which changes dynamically per level. Much like most Voodoo games, however, TENKYU is not accompanied with well-fitting music. Other than that, the game is absolutely worth playing. Currently, TENKYU is available on both Android and iOS devices. Have fun!

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