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Latest Version1.6.4

Remember that ol’ days when you would chant: Go go Power Rangers all morning, while watching TV? Too bad the developers of Power Rangers Dash don’t.


As the name suggests this is a two and a half D side-scrolling dash game in which you run through stages as three (or one and two until you unlock the third slot with real cash) Power Rangers. It’s not endless, however. At least not in its concept, but after some time, it sure will start feeling like it is. You complete stages, set in various different worlds. Each world has five different stages, fifth being the longest and the hardest one. Yeah, and that one contains a powerful boss you need to defeat. Overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, unlock and earn new Power Rangers, as well as new powers, items and such. Each time you fail, you’ll have to start from the first stage of the current world you’re in. For those who will have trouble grinding, a lot, there’s an in-game shop in which you can buy most of the stuff you need to complete this game without a sweat.

Power Rangers Dash


There’s not much to it. As your team of Rangers dashes through the terrain automatically, you’ll have to take care of them jumping, attacking the incoming enemies and occasionally switching their order. But for a long time you’ll be controlling only one ranger, unless you decide to spend some cash on this title, so don’t worry about the switching. Unlocking the second slot in your team, and then buying a Ranger to fill it, costs too much experience coins, the main resource of the game. And if you want to progress, you’ll have to level up your existing Ranger, which costs a lot, also. You can always go with the G-coins, which cost real money, of course. Long story short, it’s a grind fest for the poor.

Power Rangers Dash

And it sure feels like one. Unnecessary repeating of the stages you’ve passed, just because you fail in those later ones seems painfully boring and monotonous. Last time I checked, those are not synonyms for fun. Don’t be so happy about unlocking the new world, because it’s practically the same! Same five stages with the same patterns of collectibles, enemies and obstacles, and even the same boss fight, which is, by the way, a regular enemy with lots of health. And the game is so fast paced that you don’t get to actually feel any of the power-ups you pick up during runs, or the upgrades and items you buy for your Rangers. I guess you won’t bother buying much anyway, because you’ll be saving for your Rangers, which only differ in their type of attacks: melee and range. And in some stats, but that’s a difference you won’t notice in-game.

Power Rangers Dash


The Rangers look decent and true to the source material, and that’s about it. Stages and enemies, and even bosses came off looking unoriginal and uninteresting. Not memorable. Not only the visuals are to blame, the dull gameplay and cheap music and sound effects are responsible also. And to think the visuals are the only thing that actually changes in this game – because the concept remains the same, world after world. Coins and power-ups you pick up so fast jam up the screen with lots of shiny effects that you can’t actually track of what’s going on. You would at least expect the famous Power Rangers music theme we all adore and remember so well, right? Well, they’ve managed to disappoint on that front too. Not to mention the annoying and generic sound effects.

Power Rangers Dash

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