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When it comes to Farming simulation, it is undeniable that Farmville left a huge impact, especially to the mobile game industry. Although this iconic game from Zynga started as a Facebook game, the concept has been widely adopted by many mobile games today. The success of Farmville has expanded to many sequels. The Farmville 2 was soon made available for the mobile platform. Recently, Zynga introduced a new game called Farmville: Tropic Escape. Unlike your typical farm simulation setting, Farmville: Tropic Escape will take place on a tropical island! Therefore, the game is no longer about harvesting crops or raising poultry animals! If you are up for another exciting farming adventure, feel free to play Farmville: Tropic Escape and see what else this new Zynga game has to offer.

Farmville Tropic EscapeThe Gameplay

If you have seen or played the Farmville 2 game, then you should know how this game works. The only difference in this game is the setting and the products you produce. The mechanics are generally simple and easily manageable. As soon as the game begins, it will immediately prompt you to a small part of a tropical island. Normally, the farming simulation game will begin with simple crops like Corn and wheat but in Farmville: Tropic Escape, you begin the farming with Pineapple and Rice (wheat). The concept is generally the same as its predecessor.

You harvest crops, you build production buildings, you produce various products and sell them to earn money. The longer you progress, the bigger the task you need to shoulder. In the entire course of the game, the player will be asked to complete a series of quests. You need to complete these quests in order to progress and to gain a new level. Eventually, as you reach higher levels, you will unlock more buildings and areas on the island which adds more mystery and challenge on the game.

Farmville Tropic EscapeFarming on a Next Level

Farmville: Tropic Escape will definitely take farming on a new level. Aside from dealing with tropical products, the game has so many other features to offer. You will eventually need to build amenities for your guests and satisfy them by meeting their demands in no time. Production buildings are very important elements of this game. Initially, you will be asked to build buildings like Tiki Bar (produces wine and juices), Sushi Stand, Grill and many others. The menu offered by each production building will expand after reaching certain levels.

Trading goods is also one of the most important elements of  Farmville: Tropic Escape and you can do so in many ways. You can deliver goods to your guests and earn money in return. You can also trade them to nearby islands. As soon as you progress to higher levels, you will eventually unlock more resources, more seeds, more buildings, and other amenities to keep your guests satisfied and happy.

Farmville Tropic EscapeMore Than Just Farming

Unlike the typical farming simulation that we used to play, Farmville: Tropic Escape is not just about harvesting crops and delivering goods. The game will also focus on other equally-engaging activities on the islands. Some noteworthy activities include Snorkeling. In this activity, you’ll hire drivers to guide guests and engage them in some snorkeling activities. This will often last in a certain amount of time but you can always expedite the process by paying gems (premium currency). You earn special resources from this activity and it allows you to unearth treasure chests as well. Other noteworthy activities include Beach Clubs, Island concerts, dolphin training, and many more.

Regardless of different activities, you can freely explore the island, you still need to focus on your quests. Located on the lower left corner of the game screen is your Quest board. Tap the icon and check the current quest and try to complete them as soon as you possibly can. You can also connect your Facebook Account with Farmville: Tropic Escape to access the game’s multiplayer function. This allows you to visit the beaches made by your friends.

Farmville Tropic EscapeThe Verdict

It’s probably way too far from the typical farming game that we used to love but Farmville: Tropic Escape will certainly provide you a new exciting farming experience like no other. Generally, the game is well-polished. It treats you with colorful visuals, amazing animation and well-fitting music that provides a wonderful tropic atmosphere. There are many areas to explore in this game which gives Farmville: Tropic Escape commendable longevity. Currently, the game is available on both Android and iOS device. Good luck!

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