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PublisherGuns of Glory
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Latest Version1.8.0

Real-time strategy games have evolved over time to become one of the most popular genres between gamers. DIANDIAN Interactive Holding has taken their shot at creating a popular RTS MMO game, and Guns of Glory has since successfully reached over 10,000,000 downloads.

Guns of Glory involves resource management and building your own empire through real-time strategy. You take on the role of a Lord within a Kingdom, which itself is plagued by war. The goal is to build and lead your lands into prosperity, and become the most powerful leader within the realm. A tutorial shows you the basic controls of the game, while a quest system steers you through forming your empire. An exciting game, it’s beguiling to watch your empire grow and transform!

An intriguing feature is the kingdom, where you can explore the domains built by other players. Here players can also hunt for beasts and gather resources including food, wood and minerals.


To encourage players to return to the app time after time, the game rewards loyal players in the form of daily log-in bonuses and tributes, which you must collect over a certain period of time.

As with many MMOs, Guns of Glory promotes a strong sense of community with multiple social features. The game is designed to encourage players to join alliances and interact with fellow players in order to receive bonuses. It also has an in-built chat system, allowing players to interact with one another.

Power Imbalance

Some players within the community have argued that the game is too advantageous for those who are willing to spend real money on in-game items. It’s expected that free-to-play games have many in-game items to sell. Yet the strength differences between those who do buy them and those who don’t is significant.


DIANDIAN Interactive Holding do attempt to target this with in-game talent trees. Players can control which skills and abilities they prioritise, and this can influence how their empire grows. Despite this the power difference is still present. The game becomes biased, with lower-levelled players feeling attacked by overpowered players. A serious issue, this should be examined in more depth and developers should look to combat this issue with controls.


Visual wise, the graphics are vivid and beautiful, and the developers have done well to create a 3D look. There was no obvious pixelation throughout the app. I did experience some slight occasionally lagging, but that is to be expected from most MMOs.

The game also comes with a cool unique notification sound, but the push notifications are on by default. This may be worth keeping in mind if you do not wish for the game to send you push notifications.

Ultimately, for those who are passionate about the genre Guns of Glory is a brilliant RTS game. Download the game now.

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