Cuisine Royale Reviews

PlatformsSteam (PC), PS4, Xbox One
Size6 GB
Latest VersionUpdate

With so many battle royale games in the market today, it is simply hard to pick one but if you are looking for an extremely unique battle royale experience, you might consider having Cuisine Royale on your list. It is an interesting battle royale game that comes with a pinch of humor and some dark and eerie elements all together. Imagine roaming around a huge map wearing nothing but your boxers? How about protecting yourself by putting a colander on your head and attaching various kitchen utensils from the frying pan to waffle irons?

Yes, this game comes with a hilarious armor system and that makes Cuisine Royale stand out above its competition. Like most battle royale games though, your main mission is to survive and be the last man standing. If you think you got the right skills, feel free to explore this game and see what else it has to offer.

cuisine royaleThe Gameplay

Although Cuisine Royale follows the same battle royale format, this game is unique in many aspects. The mechanics are generally simple yet players are strongly encouraged to establish the most effective strategy to maximize their chances of surviving. There are many unique elements in Cuisine Royale that you’ve probably not seen yet in any battle royale game. Instead of the typical 100 players per match, this game comes with a smaller range of up to 50 players on the field. Unlike most games that fall into the same category, there will be no Daily Bus or Jet to deploy players on a remote island. Players will be spawned randomly on the map which means you no longer need to parachute down on your chosen landing spot.

You start the game weaponless so you must start scavenging for items that are randomly scattered on the map. Unlike the typical battle royale though, weapons here are not generously distributed. You can find loots mostly within empty houses or you can loot items from the enemies you killed. What makes this game so special is the realistic weaponry. It is more than just hovering your mouse and click to shoot. The game requires great precision to kill your target effectively whether it is a long-range attack or melee combat. The battleground is also shrinking as you progress and players must avoid getting caught by the deadly blue walls which are referred hereto as restricting area. Like most battle royale games, the last man standing wins the match.

cuisine royaleHilarious Armor System and Rides

If you are wondering why the game is named Cuisine Royale, it is mainly because of its weird yet interestingly armor system. The game is not about cooking but you might encounter some crafting system to create unique cosmetic weapons and other items you can take advantage of during the battle. The term cuisine in this game is mostly referring to how you literally protect your character by attaching random kitchen utensils that you will encounter as you scavenge around abandoned buildings. You can attach various kitchen utensils on different parts of your body for extra protection. Although you can really find a real armor within the game, chances of finding them at the early phase are quite minimal so you’ll still end up sporting those hilarious kitchenware armors.

cuisine royaleHere’s a tricky part. The more items you attach to your body (which makes you look like a walking kitchen), the more sound you make when moving. This will make you more noticeable especially when there are enemies nearby. It is also interesting to note that Cuisine Royale allows your character to operate various vehicles that you might encounter in random places. You can ride and drive these vehicles to help you reach your desired location faster. This can also become a great advantage especially when you are near the restricting area and you have to escape real fast.

cuisine royaleUnique Skills and Demonic Rituals

There are many other Cuisine references in Cuisine Royale. The character also experiences hunger and if your hunger bar depletes, you must start feeding him. You will also encounter supply boxes in the form of rusty refrigerators. It often comes with a generous amount of loot items inside such as loot bags, rare weapons, armors, ammo, and more. Another unique element of Cuisine Royale is the special ability for each playable character. Currently, there are four free playable characters in the game and each comes with their own unique skills. The character Clyde, for example, can transform himself into a beast and go berzerk. Annie, on the other hand, can slow time to increase here accuracy while Itz Ocelotl can move his body to the spirit world and temporarily make him invisible.

There’s also a character known as Erik with an ability called “Thunder Strike” that allows him to teleport up in the sky and fall down to the ground with a devastating blow. You can also unlock other characters by purchasing bundles from the in-game shop. There’s a newly added character named Valentine with powerful dashing skill. Take note that you can only activate these skills if you have collected enough souls which you can earn by killing enemies. Interestingly, despite the hilarious approach of the game, it is well balanced with dark elements as well. The map itself is already eerie to begin with but what makes the game darker are the abilities to perform demonic rituals that will provide your character a huge benefit in the battle.

You can learn these rituals through the Workshop. Rituals will provide you various abilities such as a speed boost when running, a jump pad to help you reach higher ground, a grenade trap, and many others. There is even a ritual that allows you to summon zombies on the battlefield. How crazy is that?

cuisine royaleThe Verdict

With so many battle royale titles in the market, Cuisine Royale managed to deliver a refreshing take to the classic survival-of-the-fittest gameplay. It managed to give great balance by incorporating the right amount of humor and dark elements in the game. The silent atmosphere will not just provide enigmatic experience but it also adds the right amount of intensity in the game. Appearance-wise, Cuisine Royale is an absolute visual delight. The game will not just take you to an immersive but also a highly realistic 3D Map. Not to mention its highly realistic weaponry which makes the game even more worth exploring. Currently, Cuisine Royale is available on various platforms such as Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can download this game from Stream absolutely for free. Good luck and have fun!

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