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Prepare yourself for an epic adventure! Idle Heroes will take you to a unique RPG experience that brilliantly merges elements from incremental game and role-playing adventure. The goal is to guide an ultimate team of heroes to fight against an endless army of evil and bring the world back to its peaceful harmony. Enter the mystical world of Idle Heroes and unleash your heroes’ full potential. Engage in a series of battles and train your squad and become the most powerful team of them all. If you love both RPG and Idle game, feel free to explore Idle Heroes and see how far you can go.

Idle HeroesThe Gameplay

Idle Heroes follows a very simple set of mechanics and considering that this game has some idle game elements on it, it only requires less interaction from the players. The game doesn’t dwell much on a story. Although there is a major plot adapting the concept of heroes versus darkness, the game will not emphasize much on individual character or focus on a specific storyline. For RPG lovers, this missing feature could be a downside but you will certainly enjoy the adventure and the action in the process.

As soon as the game begins, it prompts you right away to the Idle Heroes world. The main page allows you to access all other features including the Campaign where all the battle and action take place, the Summon Circle that allows you to summon new heroes, the Creation Circle that allows you to fuse heroes and more. There’s also a market place to buy important and premium resources, a battle arena and dungeons to explore. The game also features a Guild system, Quest, Events and also a chat system that allows you to broadcast messages.

Idle HeroesBuild Your Ultimate Team

The main highlight of Idle Heroes are the heroes themselves. The goal is to build your ultimate team of heroes. In order to build a team, you need to summon heroes.  By Going to the Summon Circle, you can perform three types of summoning; the Basic Summon, the Heroic Summon, and the Friendship Summon. Basic summon, as what the title suggests, only grants you lower quality series ranging from 1-3 Star heroes. If you are lucky enough, you can get 4 and 5-star heroes too.  Heroic Summon, on the other hand, guarantees you to get 4-5 Star heroes. Friendship Summon requires Hearts which you earn from Guild and more.

To make your team more efficient and also to maximize their chances of surviving the battles, upgrading them is a must. In order to do so, simply head over to your Hero page and tap the heroes individually. To level up, you need a certain amount of Spirits and Gold Coins. The value or price per upgrade will increase exponentially. Each hero, regardless of rank or rarity, can grow up to level 30. Once the maximum level is reached, you can now Evolve the hero to a more powerful one.  Upgrading them will dramatically improve their basic attributes including stamina, strength, defense, and agility. You can also equip them with armors to make them more efficient.

Idle HeroesIdle Battle System

It is not called Idle Heroes without an Idle game element on it. It is very important to note that Idle Heroes comes with two sets of battles. Once you entered the main campaign, it prompts you to the Idle battle screen. The heroes will fight an endless force of darkness even without your interaction. This allows your heroes to work even you are not actively playing the game. The heroes will be trained and will gather loots so once you access the game, you can gather all the resources they collected. They can even gain new abilities too. The other set of battle will take place when exploring new stages. Each stage allows you to enter a battle which is done on a classic RPG turn-based combat.

Although it is turn-based combat, you don’t need to manually set the attacks for your heroes. They will perform all the actions automatically. The result of the battle is often based on the team’s attributes. The higher the upgrade or evolution, the greater chance to win. If you are up for a bigger challenge, try exploring the Arena or endless Dungeons.

Idle HeroesThe Verdict

Idle Heroes has so much to offer. There are many areas waiting to be explored and there are many features you can unlock as you progress. The graphics are also impressive and the gameplay captures the addictiveness of Idle games and the action-filled experience brought by RPG. It has commendable longevity too. Overall, Idle Heroes is truly an awesome game that is absolutely worth a download. The game is currently available on both Android and iOS devices and you can download Idle Heroes for free. Let your epic adventure begins!

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