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PlatformsAndroid 4.4 and up
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Latest Version31.0.84

The fourth installment of the highly successful Heart’s Medicine series is finally here. Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath is the latest addition to this GameHouse masterpiece. The game is a sequel to its third installment Hospital Hear. It follows the journey of the main character Allison Heart and her dream to become a doctor. The story will take place after the events of the previous installment. This time, Allison will be working on Queensburrow Bridge Hospital after her successful internship in Little Creek. However, it seems like not everybody is happy to have her on board. Follow her journey and help Allison Heart conquer all her challenges.

Hearts Medicine Doctors OathThe Gameplay

The game comes with a very simple yet surprisingly tricky mechanics. It works the same way with its predecessors. Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath will welcome you with an intriguing cinematic introduction. It features a seemingly terrifying outbreak in Queensburrow Bridge Hospital and Allison Heart was apparently in great trauma. The game will then bring you back months prior to the said event and you have to find out what exactly happened and what lead Allison in such a traumatic situation. If you love watching medical drama like Grey’s Anatomy or General Hospital, this game is definitely tailored for you.

Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath will take you to two phases; the story and the challenge. It is more like a wonderful merge between a casual time management game and visual novels. The game alternately shifts from story to challenge. During the story phase (more like cutscenes), all you need to do is to follow the characters and see how they progress in the story. In between the story, you will be asked to complete challenges. You need to help Allison assist all the patients and provide them the required treatment as quick as possible.

Hearts Medicine Doctors OathAn Exciting Time Management Adventure

Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath is not different from its predecessor. It works the same way but only in an entirely different setting. As soon as the challenge begins, it prompts you to the hospital. Patients will start to arrive and you can easily identify their needs through the images shown in bubble speeches. Tap the patient and guide them to the correct treatment station. After doing so, you need to approach the patient by tapping them again and provide them the treatment they need.

Each patient has a different scenario. Some should be treated twice with specific items while others only need once. When they are done, they will proceed to the counter and pay for the service. The faster you provide the service, the more delighted they become. Just be mindful that you have target goals per level and you must reach them before the shift ends or before the time runs out. Failing to do so, might affect your rating and you might have to play the same level back from the very beginning. If you are fast and impeccable enough, you might also earn bonuses by locating Oliver the Guinea Pig during the challenge while attending patient’s needs.

Hearts Medicine Doctors OathFollow Allison’s Journey

The best part of Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath is the compelling story itself. Much like its predecessors, the game comes with a well-crafted story and if you are an avid fan of the series, you will be emotionally engaged to all its colorful characters. The game will showcase not just a simple plot but a great medical drama. The game welcomes you with a mystery and it will encourage you to play the game more and unravel all the mystery along the way.

Interestingly, the game is generally composed of multiple chapters. You start with the Clinic where Allison must impress her superiors and prove that she really have what it take to become a certified doctor. As you unlock new chapters, you will soon be assigned in other departments like Diagnostics, Morgue, Microbiology, Psychiatric Ward and the Mobile clinic. Each chapter comes with different drama and revelation that are absolutely worth exploring.

Hearts Medicine Doctors OathThe Verdict

Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath is an interesting addition to the ever-growing Heart’s Medicine series. It is truly impressive how the game impressively incorporates such amazing medical drama while giving players decent challenges in the process. For those who love visual novels, Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath is something you can confidently download on your mobile. To top it all, the game did not just fabricate its story but they really did an intensive research about all medical terms and functions thus making this game surprisingly education. Currently, Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this game absolutely for free.

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