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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
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Latest Version1.4

Embark yourself in a fun and somehow nostalgic adventure with Tomb of the Mask, a new addictive action game from Playgendary. From the creators of some of the most addictive mobiles games like Pinatamasters and Kick the Buddy comes another equally-fascinating game. Tomb of the Mask will take you to a series of fun yet surprisingly tricky levels with a varying range of difficulty. The main objective in this game is to take control of your character and explore the mystic Tomb, collect treasures and find your way out by reaching the exit portal safely. Be mindful that the tomb is filled with an overwhelming number of deadly traps that you must avoid at all cost.

Tomb of the MaskThe Gameplay

Simple, fun and challenging. This is how you can perfectly describe the Tomb of the Mask. It’s a retro-inspired action game that takes you to a series of challenging and tricky levels. As mentioned above, the main objective is to help your character pass through all the challenging obstacles within the tomb and reach the exit portal as safely as possible. For those who grew up playing Pacman, you will surely find some notable similarities in this game including the randomly scattered pellets, the neon-inspired maps, and the 8bit audio effects.

Interestingly, the Tomb of the Mask comes with a very simple set of mechanics. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to the first map. The map is described by Playgendary as an infinite procedurally generated vertical labyrinth. It basically features a maze-like map filled with pellets and Stars that you can collect along the way and traps and foes you must avoid at all cost. To move around, simply tap and swipe your finger to whatever direction you want your character to go. The character accelerates automatically and you can only stop when you bump into walls.

Tomb of the MaskNostalgic Adventure

Tomb of the Mask is intentionally designed to emulate those classic arcade games. With its rich pixelated interface that is accompanied by classic 8Bit Sound, this game will instantly remind you of the classic Pacman game. The only difference is that you are not being chased by any ghosts. Instead of power pellets, the game features Stars that are randomly scattered in the map. In each stage, there are three stars you can optionally collect. The game will be rated based on the number of stars you collected. If you failed to grab them all, you can always return to the same level and complete your task which provides Tomb of the Mask a remarkable replay value.

Another interesting element of the Tomb of the Mask is the ability to unlock new characters. There is an overwhelming number of characters that you can eventually use in this game. The characters are referred here as Masks and you can unlock them in many different ways. Some of which can be obtained from Wheel of Fortune while others can be unlocked when you have reached certain levels. You can also purchase various Powerups from the Shop which gives you special abilities such as shield, magnet coins, freeze and score boosters. These are consumable powerups and only temporary.

Download Tomb of the Mask - For Android/iOS 1Missions and Arcade Campaign

Tomb of the Mask offers other equally engaging features that players can explore. There are Missions which provides you certain repeatable tasks and earn valuable rewards in return. Rewards are often in the form of Gold coins which serves as the virtual currency in Tomb of the Mask. You can also take advantage of the Chests which you can earn from time to time or you can also try your luck in Wheel of Fortune and get a chance to win extra coins or better yet a new character.

Aside from the main campaign, Tomb of the Mask is also playable via Arcade Campaign. Unlike the Main campaign, this is not done on a level by level basis. Instead, you will be taken into a classic endless mode which requires no energy. In this campaign, you will explore an endless labyrinth and you will be chased constantly by the flood. The goal is simple, reach the farthest distance possible. Tomb of the Mask also comes with a leaderboard system via Google Play Center and the game also record your personal best. Take note that the game also follows an energy system which refills automatically in a certain time duration. You lose energy for every failed attempt (applicable only for the main campaign).

Tomb of the MaskThe Verdict

Tomb of the Mask is generally simple yet fun and surprisingly addictive. It offers a decent amount of challenge that drastically increases as you progress. Appearance-wise, Tomb of the Mask pays a great homage to classic arcade games which makes this game nothing more but nostalgic. If there is a notable downside, Tomb of the Mask will feature an overwhelming number of ads. It feels like every action is equivalent to another ad which is quite annoying at some point. Other than that, the game is still worth exploring. Currently, Tomb of the Mask is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this nostalgic game absolutely for free.

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