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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version4.1.2

Which game genre do you prefer? Match 3 Puzzle or Word Game? Well, what if you can have them both? Languinis is a fun and entertaining word game that will take you to a series of colorful yet brain-twisting levels. The game follows the story of creatures called Languinis who were created by the Phoenix God and summoned to the Earth for one certain task and that is to name everything in the world. However, as time passed by, Languinis grew weary and lazy as there is too much to remember. The Phoenix God became mad and punished the Languinis. Now your goal is to save the Languinis from the Phoenix God’s wrath. If you think you have the skills, feel free to explore this unique word game and see how far you can go.

LanguinisThe Gameplay

Tilting Point has many great games under their name including Tapbusters, Food Truck Chef and the most recent Zombieland: Double Tapper. Interestingly, Languinis is one of their creative masterpieces and you cannot find any other game that shares the same concept. As mentioned above, your main objective in this game is to free the Languinis from the mad Phoenix God. To do so, you must clear all the levels and explore from one island to another. Languinis is generally considered as a word game but it also involves Match 3 elements which make this game extremely unique.

The mechanics of this game are generally simple and easily manageable. However, just like any word games, players are encouraged to exert the best of their vocabulary skills to maximize their chances of winning. Here’s how it works. As soon as the first level begins, it prompts you to a grid filled with various colorful gems. To reveal the letter tiles, players should match three or more tiles of the same color. Once you have revealed the letter tiles, you can now form any valid words and submit them by tapping the Check icon. Each level comes with different objectives and the level is cleared when all the objectives were successfully met within the given number of moves.

LanguinisA Match 3 Puzzle With A Twist (and Vice Versa)

It is quite confusing where exactly Languinis should be categorized. It captures both Match 3 puzzle and Word game elements and both genres were equally emphasized. So to make the story short, Languinis is a match 3 puzzle with a twist or vice versa. Each level in Languinis comes with different objectives but it all boils down to matching gems and submitting valid words. Some level will ask you to reach certain points while others will ask you to build a certain type or length of words. You might encounter levels that will ask you form 7 letter words or more.

What really makes the game more challenging is the fact that you are only allotted with a very limited number of moves. You must be able to reach your goal or meet your objectives within the given number of moves, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end. The game might give you an option to add extra moves in exchange of coins or rewarded videos or if not, you have no other option but to start the same level back from the very beginning until you managed to make it through.

LanguinisFree the Languinis

Freeing the Languinis will never be easy. On each island, you can only save one. They are often located on the last level and it comes with far more challenging objectives compare to the regular ones. What makes the game more special is that when you managed to free a Languinis, they will eventually become part of the next puzzle. These playful little creatures will move around the puzzle area while you are busy matching gems or spelling new words. These adorable characters are presented in crystal-clear 3D graphics which makes Languinis an absolute visual delight.

Languinis has many other equally-engaging features. The game allows you to explore multiple islands and it also allows you to unlock many other characters. To top it all, the game also comes with an overwhelming number of boosters or skills that you can effectively use during the game. Some of which allows you to earn a letter tile of your choice while some allows you to automatically form the best word. These consumable boosters can be bought using gold coins. The game also comes with Multiplayer element. By connecting the game with your Facebook account, Languinis will give you the opportunity to play with your friends.

LanguinisThe Verdict

Languinis is truly an impressive game on so many levels. It wonderfully merges both Match 3 and Word game elements which makes this game a great masterpiece. Appearance-wise, Languinis is an absolute visual delight with many visually stunning details and remarkable 3D animation which is complemented with well-fitting music. Best of all, this game works perfectly well even without an Internet connection and it doesn’t show too many ads either. If you love both Word game and Match 3 puzzle, Languinis is a perfect fit for you. Currently, Languinis is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this awesome game for free. Cheers!

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