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PlatformsAndroid 4.4 and up
Size282.9 MB
Latest Version2.1.1

A King game with no Saga? Well, that is extremely unusual. Legend of Solgard is indeed a new game published by King, the same company behind the well-acclaimed Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Witch Saga games. Not just the fact that this game is not carrying Saga title but Legend of Solgard is unique in many levels. It follows a story of Embla, a brave warrior who was chosen to save the nine worlds of Solgard from the evil dragon Nidhogg. To do so, you must set yourself on an epic journey and use your magical disk to summon creatures and defeat Nidhogg’s evil minions. If you think you can help her accomplish her mission, feel free to explore Legend of Solgard and let your epic adventure begins.

Legend of SolgardThe Gameplay

Legend of Solgard comes with simple mechanics yet with very tricky gameplay. This might be a new approach for King but this game still falls under the Match 3 puzzle but played in an entirely different manner. The main objective is to help Embla eliminate all the evil minions before they cause terror to the nine worlds of Solgard. All enemies will arrive via Ice portal which you must destroy to clear the level. Here’s how the game works. As soon as the first battle begins, it prompts you to an arena. In this battlefield, you will be given a limited number of moves to summon your creatures.

Your magical disk allows you to summon different random creatures with different skills and behavior. The combat system is turn-based. Your moves can be consumed to perform various actions. You can either use it to summon more creatures on the field or you can use your moves to combine creatures together. All monsters on the field will act as your defense by default. To build an offense, you must line up three creatures of the same kind vertically. This will form a bigger creature and gives you the ability to inflict damage to the opposing monsters or even directly to the ice portal. A level is cleared when the ice portal is destroyed.

Legend of SolgardA One of A Kind Match 3

King is not really new to Match 3 puzzles but Legend of Solgard is truly a game-changer. It features a one of a kind Match 3 puzzle that seemingly merges a different kind of gaming genres. Apart from the Match 3 elements, the game will somehow feature elements from Merging games and RPG. There are also some RTS (Real-Time Strategy) to it, especially when dealing with PvP battles. It’s a different Match 3 puzzle indeed. Eventually, as you progress, you will encounter other interesting features which make the game even more special.

One of which includes the unique skills that each creature can use during the match. To upgrade the creatures, you must collect enough sun gems which you obtain through battles and other bonuses. Each creature has its own sun gems. For example, Roughpaw can only acquire new skills if you managed to collect enough Roughpaw Sun gems. The same thing is applied to all other creatures. It is also the same process when unlocking a new creature. Collect enough gems and you can unlock them and include them on your team.

Legend of SolgardSave The Nine Worlds of Solgard

The game will take you to an epic journey. Embla will engage herself in a long adventure and you must help her out along the way. The game will feature boss battles and the rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress which makes the game even more challenging. You will start your journey to Midgard and followed by another world until you have reached the final battle with Nidhogg and bring Solgard back to its former glory and harmony.

Aside from the main campaign, Legend of Solgard also offers other equally-engaging modes to explore. There are the Treasure Caves which allows you to harvest cave coins and other valuable items and rewards. Upon reaching level 6, you can finally enter Bounties Campaign and at Level 7, you can take an epic journey in The Dungeons alongside with your guild. Hero Arena is where the PvP battle takes place while Underworld allows you to fight through Hel’s chambers in the ultimate challenge. Legend of Solgard has many other equally-engaging features to offer including the Guild System, the Daily Quests and Limited Events.

Legend of SolgardThe Verdict

Legend of Solgard is a surprise game from King and it wonderfully delivers. It’s a new approach to a typical match 3 challenge and that’s what makes the game even more special. Legend of Solgard is also a visual delight. It features impressive and visually stunning graphics and is complemented with well-fitting music to set the mood right. The Main campaign works well even without a stable Internet connection but most features can be enjoyed in full extent with a strong Wifi signal. Overall, the game has so many great areas to explore and is absolutely worth a download. Currently, Legend of Solgard is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this epic game absolutely for free. Good luck and have fun!

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