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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version1.0k

Hero Age is a simple yet fun-filled RPG that takes you to one epic adventure. The game is created by Gnik Box and is the only RPG that they offer from their collection of games. Your main objective is simple and that is to be the strongest hero of them all. Unlike the modern mobile RPG today, this 2D side-scrolling adventure game comes with a very slow character progression and will mainly rely on grinding for your character to grow. If you enjoy the classic RPG grinding system, this game is definitely a perfect fit for you. Feel free to explore Hero Age and see what exactly this RPG has to offer.

Hero AgeThe Gameplay

The mechanics for the game are generally simple and easily manageable. It is a no-brainer gameplay and it doesn’t require any complex tutorial just to understand the rules. As soon as the game starts, it will prompt you immediately to the battlefield and your adventure will start to take place. Hero Age is a very simple RPG with straightforward gameplay. It doesn’t focus much on a specific story and it doesn’t even have a story progression at all. This could be a little downside for those who grew up enjoying story-based RPGs but despite the missing element, Hero Age comes with many interesting elements that are absolutely worth exploring.

What you will appreciate most in this game is your character development and how it managed to transform from a simple fighter to a mighty hero. Prior to your adventure, the player will be asked to select his preferred class. The game comes with four different classes to choose from; a knight, wizard, archer, and magic knight. Each hero comes with their own skills (and skillset) and they can only wield weapons that are specifically made for their respective classes (knight, for instance, can only wield swords while bows are only exclusive for archers). The same thing goes with the armors. Hero Age also comes with a Quest System, Skill Tree system, and limited-time events that players can explore.

Hero AgeClassic RPG Combat

Hero Age may not treat you with a hardcore combat system but it gives you a very nostalgic RPG experience. As soon as the journey starts, the game prompts you to Azona. It features a simple tavern and the three legendary Azona Heroes that will give you a special quest. Paladin, Lona, and Wiz will challenge you to complete an extremely difficult task to earn your hero title in return. They will ask you three important items; the Horn of Demon, the Eyes of White Ghost, and the Wing of Black Dragon. All of which can be obtained in different world map locations and some of which can be accessed only upon reaching higher levels.

You start your first journey in the forest of Azona and you will unlock other locations upon reaching a certain level. You can move the character around the side-scrolling map using the virtual joypad. Located on the lower right corner are tap-based buttons dedicated to your skills. There are only two major ways to earn experience in this game. The first one is through quest completion and the second one is through killing enemies. As mentioned above, Hero Age comes with a very slow character progression. You need to grind and kill as many enemies as possible to earn enough experience and gain a new level. This is where the Auto Hunting feature comes in handy. You can activate the Auto Hunting mode and let your character do the rest of the job by killing all approaching enemies.

Hero AgeSkill Point Distribution, Upgrading Weapons, and Events

The key element to faster progression in this game is to pay attention to your skill attributes and make sure that your skill points and wisely distributed depending on your chosen class. Every time you reach a new level, you will be given 5 skill points that you can distribute to any attributes you want. The skill points can be distributed to Strength, Agility, Vitality, and Energy. Weapons and Armors will require your character to reach a certain level of skill attribute before you can equip them. You will also earn 1 Skill point that you can use to upgrade your special skills (both Primary and Master Skills).

Navigation, Shopping, and Upgrades are done in a very simple manner in Hero Age. You no longer need to visit a town or go back to a certain location. You can move from one area to another by tapping the Map icon above the screen. This will list down all the location and you just have to tap the area you want to be transported to. Shopping, on the other hand, can be done even while in an intense combat. Just tap the Shop icon above the screen and you will get instant access to the shop. You can also sell your looted items from your inventory by tapping them individually. Tap the sell button and you’ll get paid immediately.

Upgrading weapons and armors can be done by merging special stones or runes. Just tap and drag the stone from your inventory over the item you want to be upgraded. This will dramatically increase your damage and defense rate. You can also access limited time events. Tap the Event icon and choose which event you want to be part of. Take note that joining events will require gems that serve as the game’s premium currency. The game has a very low drop rate though and you might consider buying gems through the in-game shop. Events are like dungeon mode that allows you to obtain rare loots.

Hero AgeThe Verdict

Simple yet fun and surprisingly addictive. I guess that is how you can perfectly describe Hero Age. It gives you a nostalgic RPG experience with an epic grinding system. Appearance-wise, Hero Age treats you with colorful and neat visuals along with a piece of well-fitting music. The game may not capture all the RPG elements that we need but still worth exploring.  If you are looking for a simple and not complicated RPG, Hero Age might be a great fit. The game is wonderfully optimized for mobile devices and doesn’t consume much space on your phone. Currently, the game is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download Hero Age for free. Play this game now and let your epic journey begins!

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