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Are you up for an action-packed wild west adventure? West Game by Lexiang Co is probably the first and only Wild West theme SLG or simulation game on mobile today. If you are fascinated with cowboys and the old west, this is a perfect game for you. West Game is a city-building strategy game that takes you back to 1865, an event after the civil war. The game will take place in a small village on the west that suffered greatly from bandits headed by the Daly’s gang. Your goal is to transform the village into a great city and strengthen your army to defeat Daly’s gang. If you are up for an epic wild west adventure, feel free to explore West Game and let your journey begins.

West GameThe Gameplay

West Game works the same as other city-building strategy games. The mechanics are very simple and easily manageable. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the city. You start with base building elements. Unlike the typical city building games, however, West Game will have predefined spots for each building. Therefore, you cannot randomly construct houses in the field. Despite the unrealistic building placement, the game will surely take you to an impressive wild west environment.

One thing you will greatly appreciate in this game is the progress itself. Upgrading buildings will show a drastic change to your village. You can see how a simple farm turns into a great source of food and how a simple market turns into a shopping center. In the entire course of the game, the player will be asked to complete quests to progress. Main quests will often ask to upgrade buildings, construct new houses and also to engage in a series of fights.

West GameDuels and Raids

A West-themed game will not be completed without adopting the concept of cowboys. Of course, if there are cowboys, there will be epic duels too. In this game, you will be asked to construct a Duel Yard. This allows you to enter an epic duel and earn valuable rewards.  The combat system for this mode is a tap-based battle. Once engaged in a duel, the enemy will be shown in front of you and much like any cowboy duel, speed plays a crucial role in winning. Tap the ammo button as fast as you can until the enemy loses its life. Winning the match allows you to earn valuable rewards.

Aside from the Duel Yard, you can also explore bigger battle areas. You can explore the World map and attack nearby cities. To do so, simply tap the World map icon on the lower left. In this map, you will be able to track all the nearby cities. Tap the city you choose and select the action you want to perform. There are three things you can do in a city; you engage your troop on a Rally War, Attack the City or Scout for resources. Rally War can only be done with the help of your alliance while Attack allows you to deploy troops and raid the city (the battle is done automatically). Scouting, on the other hand, allows you to gather additional resources. You can only perform Scouting if you are done doing Research in your Academy.

West GameAlliances and Heroes

The multiplayer function of West Game can be found through its Alliance system. Joining an alliance can help you in numerous ways. First, you can expedite the construction time by asking for help from your alliance. The first few levels are manageable. You can construct the buildings by skipping the production time without paying anything. However, as you progress, the construction time will exponentially increase and it often takes a lot of time. You can take advantage of the boosters but you can also ask help from your alliances to minimize the waiting time.

Alliances can also help you in Rally War and allows you to earn more money and loots. West Game also allows you to customize your heroes according to your personal preferences. Simply go to your hero’s profile and apply various costumes that you obtained from quests and raids. You can also customize the hero’s skills by distributing skill points to your preferred area of specialty.

West GameThe Verdict

West Game managed to give justice to its theme by remaining faithful to the old west concept. It captures the right atmosphere with well-fitting music to set the mood. It is simple yet fun and surprisingly addictive. West Game comes with commendable longevity and it offers a lot of equally-engaging features for players to explore. Currently, West Game is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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