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Who doesn’t want to possess those Godly powers? If you are into Greek Mythology and if you are curious how it feels like to be one of those might Gods of Olympus, this game is perfectly fit for you. Gods of Olympus, as what the title suggests, will finally give players the chance to become the Gods of all Gods. Gods of Olympus is a very unique game that follows a story of a mortal who was ordained by the Gods to build a great city. Zeus, in particular, gave you an offer that you cannot simply resist. Your main objective is to raid nearby cities and destroy them. If you think you are worthy enough for this epic job, feel free to explore Gods of Olympus and see how far you can go.

Gods of OlympusThe Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are very simple and easily manageable. Despite the apparent simplicity, the player is still encouraged to establish the most effective strategy to maximize his chances in winning. Generally, Gods of Olympus will take you to three different phases; the Building, Battle and Defense Phase. During the building phase, you will be asked to build a great city. You start with the basic building elements including the Temple of Zeus which acts as the heart of your city. Once it is destroyed, the city will lose its power and you will be defeated.

The battle phase, on the other hand, allows you to raid other cities. In this part, you will be given a chance to command and deploy Gods and use their powers to destroy the city. The battle will only end when God’s temple is destroyed. The Defense Phase is when the Gods take their revenge and raid your city. It works the same way with the Battle phase but in an opposite scenario. This time, you send off your soldiers and warriors to defend your city. Take note that enemies are also empowered to send their Gods so you must strengthen your defenses to maximize your survival.

Gods of OlympusUnlock Gods of Olympus

The game will not be named Gods of Olympus for no reason. One of the most interesting highlights of this game is the ability to unlock different Gods of Greek Mythology. You start with Zeus as you first God and eventually, if you have earned enough resources, you can unlock the rest. Although you need to reach a certain level until the other Gods become available. To access them, simply tap the Pantheon icon on the lower right corner of the main screen (just above the Battle button). This will prompt you to the house of Gods.

To unlock Gods, you need to earn enough Gold coins and Stones. Interestingly, in case your coins are not enough, you can use Gems and convert them into gold coins. It is also interesting to note that each God comes with special skins that you can unlock by collecting enough ambrosia. Gods of Olympus will also focus on amazing storylines which are all inspired by real Greek mythology. Kindly expect to encounter those complicated family problems between Gods and mortals.

Gods of OlympusEnter Epic Battle

To start the battle, simply tap the battle button (identified by swords icons) on the lower right. This will prompt you right away to another city. Cities will often vary in size and level of defenses. Higher-level or bigger cities usually come with stronger defenses. To survive and win the raid, you must also upgrade your Gods and make them more efficient. To do so, simply head over to the Pantheon, tap the God you want to upgrade. You can upgrade the stats or the basic attributes which include health, strength, attack rate and speed. Players can also unlock new skills and upgrade their specific attributes. From to time, you will also be accompanied by other Gods depending on the storyline you are in.

Once on the battlefield, the Gods will attack the nearby buildings automatically. You can, however, manually command them to attack specific buildings. The game ends when the god’s temple is destroyed. Interestingly, Gods of Olympus also comes with other equally-engaging campaigns. Aside from the Story Campaign, you can also explore Battle Campaign which comes with three levels of difficulty. There’s also a Revenge Campaign that allows you to get a payback attack to whoever raided your city. Daily Challenge, on the other hand, can be unlocked after reaching level 20. The game also has an Achievement system that allows you to win more gems.

Gods of OlympusThe Verdict

Gods of Olympus is truly an impressive game. It is simple yet surprisingly tricky and fun. It comes with impressive graphics and well-fitting music that sets the mood right. To top it all, the game remains faithful to Greek Mythology and incorporates the gameplay with an interesting progressive storyline. It is a well-polished game indeed that you can confidently include on your mobile. Currently, Gods of Olympus is available in both Android and iOS devices and you can download this epic game for free. Good luck and have fun!

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