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PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3 and up
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Latest Version2.15.1

download BBTAN2 and explore tons of exciting levelsFun, simple and addictive! BBTAN is back and this time with more challenging levels and new maps to explore! When it comes to aliens, most games will depict them as invaders or creatures that abduct humans! BBTAN2 however features the exact opposite scenario. BB-Boy and his friends, creatures of BBWORLD were taken by humans and your mission is to save them all. If you love the first game, you should definitely download BBTAN2 to explore new levels and challenges!

BBTAN2 is more like a classic Breakout game with a twist. You shoot balls to break blocks and to free the aliens. The difference however is the fact that you have no paddles to move at the bottom to catch the balls. It is generally simple yet surprisingly tricky which will put your skills and knowledge on a test. If you are up for a brand new challenge, feel free to download BBTAN2 and see how far you can go.

download BBTAN2The Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are simple. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to the game field. The screen contains few elements; the BB alien who shoots balls, the Numbered Blocks and the Cages. Higher levels will feature obstacles like sharp blocks that you need to avoid as much as possible. Here’s how BBTAN2 works. The alien is equipped with fixed number of balls to throw. The main goal is to free all the aliens from their cages. Both cage and blocks are numbered to indicate the amount of hit they need to break. If a block has number 10 on it, the player must hit the block 10 times with the balls to destroy it.  Same thing goes with the cages.

The controls are minimal. Unlike the Breakout Game, you cannot move the paddle or swipe the alien on both sides. The location of the alien is fixed and all you need to do is to aim. Simply tap and drag the trajectory on the screen to aim and release the hold to shoot. You will release all the balls and they bounce every time they hit a wall or a block. Take note that you only have limited moves and if you lose them all and the aliens are still in their cage, the game is over.

download BBTAN2Obstacles and Power Ups

One thing you will appreciate when you download BBTAN2 is the increasing level of difficulty. The challenge will come in when the game starts to introduce obstacles. The most common obstacles you will encounter are the Sharp blocks. These blocks consume your ball. Like standard blocks, they are also numbered and you can only destroy them by sacrificing some of your balls so try to avoid them as possible.

Color blocks on the other hand can also become your great advantage. They can turn your balls into bombs that can create massive destruction or give you other special abilities and skills. You will also encounter levels where blocks or layers are constantly descending. You must prevent the blocks from touching the ground; otherwise the game will come to a quick end.

download BBTAN2Hidden Maps, Customizable Character and Hero Mode

If you download BBTAN2, you should know that this game is not just about breaking blocks and saving aliens. The game has many other features and game campaigns to offer. One of them is the hidden map. Every 15th level, there is one special level to unlock. In order to access the level, you must get 15 Gold Coins. You can only get Gold Coins if you complete a level while filling up the score meter. Each level is rated from Bronze, Silver to Gold whereas Gold is a perfect score. This feature provides the game a great amount of replay value! You can also customize your character and purchase items through Diamonds (the game’s virtual currency). Players can obtain diamonds through Achievements or through microtransactions.

After reaching Level 50, you will be able to access the Hero Mode. Basically, this is an endless challenge campaign. Blocks will appear and descend constantly and your goal is nothing more but to get the highest score as possible. Players can also take advantage of the power boosters which you can purchase before or even during the game.


The graphics are not really special. There are no visually stunning details other than plain black background with colorful geometrical shapes. Despite the apparent simplicity, the game is undeniably fun and surprisingly addictive. The score system also provides the game a decent amount of replay value and has a remarkable longevity. Overall, the game is entertaining and you can confidently download BBTAN2 on your mobile to enjoy the game to the fullest! Have fun!

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