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PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3 and up
Size27 MB
Latest Version1.6.5

Monster Idle Factory takes you to an engaging idle game adventure! The world is now living without fear. Today, nothing is seemingly effective enough to scare them. Interestingly, a mad scientist came up with a brilliant plan to restore humanity. He decided to build time machines and send his evil minions to find him some of the scariest items. Using his insane machines, he extracted these items and turn those cute things into scary monsters. Your main objective in Monster Idle Factory is to expand your factory and produce as many scary monsters as possible. If you are ready to bring the fear back to the world, feel free to explore Monster Idle Factory and see what else this game has to offer.

Monster Idle FactoryThe Gameplay

Much like any Idle or incremental game, Monster Idle Factory comes with a very simple set of mechanics. Since this is an idle game, Monster Idle Factory has features that work even without the player’s interaction. However, this game requires you to manually interact with the machines to progress. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you right away to the mad laboratory. There are four machines in the lab, three of them are crucial for the production while the other one is responsible for automation.

To produce scary monsters, you must deal with the three major machines in a proper sequence. The first one is the time machine. This machine is responsible for sending minions back in time to gather the scariest items. You start with dirty socks and eventually, if you earned enough essence, you can upgrade it to other items like Failed Test Papers, dead Spiders, and more. These items will be picked up by another machine. Minions will pick up the extracted item to bring it to the last machine. The final process will fuse the extracted items to the cute and seemingly harmless animals and things. The fourth machine is the mad scientist himself which will automate all the process.

Monster Idle FactoryUpgrading the Machines for Bigger and Faster Production

Monster Idle Factory is not different from any idle games. The upgrade is the most important element of this game to maximize the production and reach your goal faster. Each machine is eligible for an upgrade. To monitor your improvement, simply check the meters above the game screen. The one on the upper left corner will indicate your Line Profit while the meter next to it shows the total number of essence you collected from the monsters. The third meter shows the number of Gold bars you currently have.

Aside from upgrading the machine’s overall productivity, you can also improve your line profit by adding a new line of machines. Simply scroll down the screen and tap the pending machine to make it functional. The machine will be highlighted with green light if it’s already available for purchase. Take note that the prices for each upgrade will increase exponentially which definitely adds more challenge and thrill in Monster Idle Factory. Players can also establish New Production line to produce a new breed of monster.

Monster Idle FactoryUnlock More Monsters

The first scary monster in the production is the so-called “Warerabbit”. These are cute little rabbits turned into a wild scary beast. Take note that each production line can only cater to one type of monster. You can unlock new monster by reaching your target line profit. However, you must be mindful that once a new monster is unlocked, it means that you have to start the production back to scratch. You can, however, start a new production line catering a different breed of monster. A monster can also be upgraded to maximize essence production. Simply tap the third machine (the one with mouse icon) to access the Monster Upgrade screen.

Generally, there are four upgradeable parts for each monster (they vary per creature). You can upgrade each part until they reach their maximum level. There is also a feature called “Manager Upgrades” which allow you to upgrade specific production. It requires you to pay Manager Crowns (a special currency in the game that you can earn by unlocking a new Monster. Speaking of currency, the game also allows you to buy packages from the in-game shop.

Monster Idle FactoryThe Verdict

Simple, fun and addictive! This is how you can perfectly describe Monster Idle Factory. Although unlike the most idle game that allows you to progress even without player’s interaction, this game still allows you to earn continuously even if you are offline. It even gives you a chance to multiply your earnings either by watching a rewarded video or by paying gold bars. Knowing that this is an incremental game, Monster Idle Factory has remarkable longevity. Appearance-wise, it comes with visually stunning details and colorful animation. Overall, it is absolutely a good idle game that works perfectly fine even without an Internet connection and it doesn’t consume much of your Phone storage. Currently, Monster Idle Factory is only available for Android devices and you can download the game for free.

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