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You don’t fall asleep during class. You don’t mess with zombies. Nor with girls who carry powerful guns. Nor with witches. Especially not with Law of Creation.


This playable manga adventure has an overwhelming beginning. Both for you, and your character, Yagita. It seems that he has fallen asleep during class, and wakes up to hordes of weird looking zombies chasing him. Ready to meet his doom, he almost gives up, until an unknown girl, with a really powerful gun appears and takes care of one of the zombies that was nearly grabbing his collar. After that, he wakes up on the street and has to fight what seems to be a random group of even more weird looking enemies, all together with a random group of allies. After you beat them, you run off to some kind of a lab to create even weirder looking allies. Everything is so sudden, chaotic and unexplained, throughout the whole game. English subtitles dubbing the Japanese dialogue don’t help much. Good luck in figuring out the story.

Law of CreationGameplay

You progress through the story by reading a virtual manga. Each part of a chapter is one picture on the page. Before each level, you’ll have a few comic-book – like slides with chunks of the story, and then you’re off to fighting various enemies. As you progress, you’ll unlock the ability to create new allies in the lab, and some of them will join your team naturally, during the fights. Each character has a distinctive ability, which you can upgrade when they level up. The fights are done in a 2D side-scrolling environment, and are mostly automated. At the start of the level, your cooldowns will begin, making your presence obsolete until they load. Finally, when the power of the character fills up, you just tap on its portrait at the bottom of the screen to use it, and that’s it.

Law of Creation

When they defeat an enemy, all of your team will automatically move forward, until they reach the end of the level. You use your energy to beat levels, and get rewarded with different kinds of chests containing valuable prizes. Those are usually coins, the free resource of the game, then the gems, the premium one, and finally, some batteries which refill your energy. There are some quests, events and achievements to help you gain some of those valuables too. The usual stuff. After finishing the first eight, out of 23 chapters, all containing 8 parts each, you’ll unlock the Adventure mode.

Law of Creation


This is a playable manga all right. More manga than playable, but still, there are interactive parts. It does look true to the genre, and the design is quite interesting and ornamental, especially the characters and the magic/ability effects. Although the presentation of the story is cool, and makes the player feel like actually reading a manga, the story itself is, as I mentioned earlier, really confusing and often chaotically random. While the visuals deliver, audio experience is not that rich, nor exciting. Music is oversimplified, and dialogue and effects are too grueling for a casual player. Add to that it’s all in Japanese, and you are right to guess it gets pretty tiresome to someone who doesn’t speak the language.

Law of Creation

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