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PlatformsAndroid 4.4 and up
Size41 MB
Latest Version1.4.8

Tiny Jack is an awesome platformer game that takes you to an incredible adventure of Jack as he tries to find his way home. The game follows a story of a young Jack who is kidnapped by an evil wizard along with other kids. They were imprisoned by the Wizard until one day, they managed to find a way out. Now, Jack and his friends will try their best to escape the eerie forest and find their way back home. Tiny Jack features a classic Mario-esque Platformer adventure that takes you to a series of challenging levels that will surely put your skills on a test. If you think you can help Jack find his way home, feel free to explore this game and see what else Tiny Jack has to offer.

Tiny JackThe Gameplay

It has been a while since the last time we played a decent 2D Platformer adventure. Tiny Jack may not be too perfect but absolutely a decent platformer that delivers both fun and challenging experience for the gamers. As what mentioned above, the main objective in this game is to help Jack find his way home. Players must complete a series of challenging levels. Interestingly, Tiny Jack features your typical platformer game. Anything you would expect from a classic platformer is wonderfully captured in this game. There are the 2D Mario-esque platforms, the overwhelming number of enemies, deadly spikes and other moving obstacles and even boss battles.

Here’s how the game works. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to the first level. It features a 2D side-scrolling platformer. To clear a level, you must reach the exit portal safely. You can navigate around the 2D map using the tap-based buttons. Players can tap the left and right arrow buttons to move the character back and forth the map and the Up Arrow to jump. Interestingly, the character can collect throwing daggers along the way. Simply tap the sword icon to attack. Much like any typical platformer, players will encounter an overwhelming number of enemies and obstacles along the way. You can either evade them or kill them with your skills. Players can also stomp over certain enemies ala-Mario Style to kill them.

Tiny JackClassic Platformer

Tiny Jack is generally your classic platformer. There is really nothing unique about the gameplay and the concept has been embraced and cloned by many other mobile games. However, it seems like the effectiveness of this classic platformer formula never fades. The simplicity of Tiny Jack has surprisingly become its greatest strength. Despite the apparent simplicity, the players are still encouraged to exert the best of their skills to maximize their chances in winning. Most levels in this game are not easily passable and you might end up playing the same level over and over again.

The rate of difficulty for Tiny Jack will drastically increase as you progress. Eventually, more challenging enemies will be introduced. You will also encounter challenging mechanisms, obstacles and deadly traps that you must avoid at all cost. Interestingly, the game also features various checkpoints which will save your progress. If you get killed, you have no other option to go back to the last saving point or if you haven’t reached any checkpoint yet, you have to start the game back from the very beginning. Take note that you can only respawn back to the last save point if you pay 100 Coins or if you watch a reward video. Unfortunately, there is a minor bug in the system that whenever you watch a reward video, the game will crash and you just have to restart over.

Download Tiny Jack - For Android/iOS 1Challenges and Arena

Another interesting element of Tiny Jack is the Boss Battle. You will encounter special levels where you need to defeat a boss. However, what really set Tiny Jack apart from other classic Platformer games is the Multiplayer element on it. The game comes with a PvP system through its Arena campaign. You can unlock such feature after defeating the first boss in Level 10. Arena allows you to find a match. Once a match is found, both players will compete and whoever finishes the level and defeat the boss first wins the challenge. This also comes with an interactive PvP ranking system.

Aside from the Arena Campaign, you can also explore the Challenges. There are three challenges to explore; Time, Golem and Fox. Time Challenge will ask you to complete the level as fast as you can. This will record your personal best and encourage you to outscore yourself. Golem Challenge, on the other hand, allows you to fight with different golems and bosses while Fox is another exciting challenge with an interesting twist. There is also a Quest System which you can access upon reaching Level 25. To top it all, you also have the ability to unlock other heroes aside from Tiny Jack. If you have earned enough money you can unlock other heroes (with different attributes) such as Shinobi, Wizard, Cupid, Female Shinobi, Pirate, and Santa.

Tiny JackThe Verdict

Tiny Jack is truly an awesome platformer. It comes with well-polished gameplay and overwhelming levels and campaigns to explore. Appearance-wise, Tiny Jack is an absolute visual delight. It comes with visually stunning details and is accompanied with well-fitting music to set the eerie and enchanting mood right. The multiplayer campaign is what separates Tiny Jack above the other games that fall into the same category. To top it all, each level encourages players to collect three stars that are randomly scattered on the map. This particular feature provides this game with remarkable replay value and longevity. Overall, it is a platformer game that you can confidently include on your mobile. Currently, Tiny Jack is only available for Android devices and you can download this epic platformer game absolutely for free.

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