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Remember that scene from Two Towers when one of the Rohan archers accidentally releases his arrow before the cue? Well, you can’t do that in Archery, because there are no Uruk-hai in the game. There’s not much of anything at all.


Simple name equals a simple game this time. There’s not much to say about this one. Start a game, and try to use your nineteen arrows and a finger to hit a stationary target. After each hit, target spawns at a different position. The target consists of five circles. The farthest one awards you with ten points, next one with twenty, and so on. If you happen to hit the center, you get fifty points and an extra arrow! But, when you run out of those, its game over! So you can’t win this one! All you can do is hit the replay button and try to beat your own high score. But don’t expect from the game to inform you when you reach it. You could share your success with friends, in order to compare.


Naming possibilities is futile

The good thing is that the game lets you experiment with arch and angle, as well as with an option to choose how much you’ll nock your arrow. But that’s not merely enough to enjoy this game longer than fifteen minutes. I’ve wrote the addition of Uruk-hai at the beginning of the review as a joke, but now it’s starting to seem like a mediocre idea. No, really, implementing at least some wind effects, different kind of targets that vary in size or shape, or even movement, would be a nice touch. Heck, even adding different type of bows and arrows would do the job. Okay, it’s futile to reimagine the whole game with adding a lot of stuff, since that would distance us from the original concept. But maybe some kind of competition vs AI, or some challenge levels could stir up the fun a bit.


Audio-visual presentation

 You’ll be surprised to hear that audio-visual presentation is on the same level as the rest of the game. One background, with four trees, some grass and few shy lines to mimic mountain terrain in the distance. Two sound effects: arrow swoosh wile it flies through the air, and a wooden sound of it hitting the target. No string sound while nocking? And what about a music theme? Just quickly drawing five more backgrounds (maps) would make this game playable for at least five more minutes.



There are a lot of archery games out there, and each and every one of them can offer much more than this one. You don’t have to leave sports category to prove this. Various sports archery games offer different disciplines, stages, equipment and are filled with far richer environment, effects and features! Not to mention tons of titles featuring archery in some kind of a fantasy or historic driven narrative. Really proficient game developer could make a game like this in less than an hour. Why would an average player invest more?

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