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PublisherMountain Game
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
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Latest Version1.0.37

Normally, one would think a Pool game on mobile devices would really be just another simulation of the fuller-fledged bar game. After all, just about all video game counterparts consist of the usual modes people come to expect. Billiards City happens to go a different route, however, and instead takes on a direction that is more suited to the mobile game format. Billiards is already a fairly simple game to play, but the way it works here definitely feels like as if it was tailor-made for the kind of play mobile games to to enjoy for years.

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As far as I can tell, this is a strictly single player game; no multiplayer features are in sight. At first, this sounds like a bummer, but the fact of the matter is this game is primarily built in a way that does not necessarily need more than one person in action. This is a level-based title where you clear a series of missions and challenges to progress through the game.

Yep, I just described a Billiards / Pool game that way! Rather unexpected, ain’t it? It wouldn’t work, however, without a simple and slick control scheme. Fortunately, Billiards City has this well accounted for. It goes over a brief tutorial to show you how the game works, and it could not be easier to grasp. It is simple and satisfying, not unlike that of how a great mobile game should be.

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In fact, it seems misleading to follow along the game’s description, which claims it aims to be the most realistic Pool simulator around. However, the realism in this game only goes so far. The physics do feel quite right, but that’s about the most of it. Thankfully, how it does play out works in its favor.

I also dig the slick presentation and clink-y sound effects. There is a distinct amount of effort on display, and it makes the result feel all the more admirable. Lots of levels are present in the game, to boot. The only drawback I can think of is that a multiplayer mode of some sort could have been beneficial for Billiards City. I know I said that the single player works very well as it is (what with its selection and variety of levels and all), but I think taking the skills online could have increased its longevity by a large margin. Bonus points to the developers if they could add a worldwide ranking system or something of the like.

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Nevertheless, I think I can recommend this game even to those that don’t play Billiards. That’s just how good it is. It is a solid game in its own right, and well worthy of being on your phone. It’s not something you can play with friends, but it is something you’re bound to enjoy by yourself. It is a shining diamond in the sea of countless games that fail to emulate this degree of fun.

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