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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size407.7 MB
Latest Version5.72

Party In My Dorm: Best Friends Forever is a unique social casual game that takes you to an amazing journey. It follows a story of a new college student who, well, loves to party! Who would have thought that endless night parties can go a long way? Party In My Dorm: Best Friends Forever is generally a very simple game. Your main objective is to help your character decorate and renovate his or her room while making lots of friends in the process. This is a social game which allows you to connect with real-time online players through an interactive chat system. If you are up for an interesting journey, feel free to explore Party In My Dorm: Best Friends Forever and let the party begins!

Party In My DormThe Gameplay

The mechanics for this game are very simple and easily manageable. Unlike other casual games, Party In My Dorm: Best Friends Forever doesn’t require any extensive skills. As soon as the game starts, you will be prompted to the first story. Party In My Dorm: Best Friends Forever is more like an interesting merge between a social casual game and a virtual novel. After selecting and customizing your preferred avatar, you will be welcomed by a girl named Tess who will guide you into your room. In the entire course of the game, the player will be asked to renovate the room, complete various quests and interact with different people.

Party In My Dorm: Best Friends Forever comes with a very simple interface. Located below the game screen are five tabs including Jobs, Room, People, Club, and Shop. The lowermost portion of the screen is the chat board that allows you to broadcast message around the campus, pub or club. You can also send gifts, add a friend or send a private message to various people. Partying is probably one of the key elements of this game. It allows you to join various parties and participate in numerous activities and earn money in return. Your character comes with two major attributes; the strength and the intelligence. The more you interact with the game, the better the status you can get.

Download Party In My Dorm - For Android/iOS 1Complete Your Quests and Join The Party

The game allows you to do almost anything but to progress, you must still rely on your main quests. From time to time, your virtual friends will contact you via phone and will send you messages which contain your quest. Some quests will ask you to decorate your room or open certain delivery boxes while others will ask you to organize a party and participate in certain activities. Much like common college parties, you can engage with activities like beer pong, billiards, playing arcade and guitar. The more you upgrade your dorm, the more activities you can do.

Every activity will allow you to earn money but it also consumes Strength and Intelligence. Once you consumed all, you have to wait until you regain them both.  The money you earn from doing party activities is mainly used to buy items from the in-game shop. This allows you to purchase new items for your rooms, purchase gifts for your friends or use the money to trade items on the market. Some items can only be purchased using premium currency while others are exclusively available using real money as part of the game’s microtransaction.

Party In My DormDesign Your Room and Interact With Friends

One of the satisfying elements of Party In My Dorm: Best Friends Forever is the player’s ability to customize the room based on his or her own preferences. Aside from the items, you can acquire through quests, there is an overwhelming number of different items available on the shop. You can decorate your room, add as many appliances and furniture as you want and establish your preferred theme. Players can definitely give their rooms their own artistic personality. Whether you want it to look girly, contemporary or somehow minimalistic, it is all up to you to decide. Your creativity is your limit.

What really makes Party In My Dorm: Best Friends Forever special is the game’s multiplayer element. It is a mobile game and a social network at the same time. The chat system allows you to openly interact with almost anyone in the community. You can broadcast your message, trade items, or make friends. Players can build his or her own community by adding people on his friend list. You can send gifts, exchange messages or invite them when you throw a party.

Party In My DormThe Verdict

Party In My Dorm: Best Friends Forever is definitely not your typical casual game. The interactive social network element is most likely the game’s strongest point. However, the main concern is the gamer’s security. There’s a portion in the chat system that is meant for adult which makes this game not really suitable for young gamers. Other than that, Party In My Dorm: Best Friends Forever is a game worth playing with. It’s fun, simple and it allows you to make friends with real online players. Currently, Party In My Dorm: Best Friends Forever is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this game for free. Have fun!

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