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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
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Latest Version1.0.52

MAG Interactive has mastered creating word games and Word Domination is probably one of their best word game so far. This is not a bold claim at all! Word Domination takes you to a super fun word challenge which allows you to compete against real-time online players. If you love playing Scrabble then you will surely find this game absolutely engaging. In Word Domination, your main objective is to win against your opponent by outscoring them. The scoring system is merely inspired by the classic Scrabble. Therefore, the better word you submit, the bigger the score you get. If you think you have what it takes to win this game, feel free to explore Word Domination and see how far your vocabulary skills can take you.

Word DominationThe Gameplay

Those who have mastered Scrabble should know how exactly Word Domination works. The game is more like a simplified Scrabble. Here’s how the game works. The game will randomly select your opponent. Simply tap the play button and pay 20 Energy to access the match. Once an opponent is selected, it prompts you right away to the game board. The game board is nothing different from Scrabble. You got special tiles that allow you to Double and Triple the Letter or Word scores. It’s going to be a turn-based challenge and it will only take 10 rounds (5 turns per player).

Each player is given with 7 word tiles (randomly generated by the game). During the player’s turn, simply formulate the best word to get a better score. Tap, drag and drop the letter tiles on the board and hit the submit button to end your turn. Tiles are highlighted with green if it is a valid word and they are highlighted in yellow if the word doesn’t exist. Generally, the player with the highest accumulated score will win the match. When you win, you will earn trophies that allow you to earn a new rank.

Word DominationNot Your Typical Scrabble

Word Domination might be merely inspired by Scrabble but the game has many unique elements of its own. The game will introduce you to Booster Cards. These cards can leave major effects on the game and you can activate them during your turn. Each player is given with 3 Booster cards. Simply tap and drop the card on the board to see its effect. Interestingly, there are more than 45 Booster cards to be unlocked but you can only use three every game. The game will ask you to pick and set a card before the match starts.

Boosters will have various effects. Some of which allows you to change all tiles without losing a turn. Others will temporarily stop the timer and give you enough time to form better words. There is also a booster card that helps you form the best word out of the available letter tiles on your deck. You can unlock new cards by completing daily challenges or by winning tournaments and seasonal events. You can also purchase them with real money through the in-game shop. Take note that the cards can only be used once every battle so make sure to use them wisely to maximize your chances in winning.

Word DominationEnter Tournaments and Limited Events

Every battle whether you win or lose, you’ll earn EXP points and if you have earned enough, you will gain a new level. By the time you have reached Level 5, you can unlock the Solo Mode. This campaign allows you to participate in Tournaments and other Seasonal and Limited Events which grants you valuable prizes. Unlike the main campaign, participating in tournaments will not cost you any energy. However, in order to enter the competition, you must pay enough gold coins. There are two forms of currency in this game; the gold coins that you earn every battle and the gems that you can earn every time you have reached a new level (you can also purchase them on the in-game shop).

Limited Events will allow you to participate in a PvE battle. Therefore, you are fighting against an AI and it often features different gameplay (with obstacles and high-level boosters). The game’s energy system is also quite a trick. A normal level will consume 20 Energy and you only have a maximum of 60. Therefore, players can only play 3 games simultaneously and they have to wait for the entire energy bar to be refilled. You can skip the process by paying gems

Word DominationThe Verdict

Word Domination is truly a great word game. If you love Scrabble but looking for fast-paced gameplay, Word Domination is the perfect game. The Booster card is an interesting addition to this game which makes it distinctive above the rest. Appearance-wise, the game welcomes you with a simple yet visually stunning interface. In fact, you can customize your board by purchasing new Tile Skins. Since this is an online game, it requires a stable Internet connection, otherwise, you might get disconnected from the game and you will automatically lose the match. Currently, Word Domination is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this addictive word game for free. Have fun!

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