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One of the most iconic thriller movies of all time! Jaws is undeniably a classic thriller that everyone from every generation will remember. This 1975 film by Steven Spielberg features a giant man-eating great white shark. Interestingly, Universal Studios Interactive Entertainment will continue its legacy through this wonderful game of Similar to the concept of most .io games , is a multiplayer action adventure. The main objective is to either play the role of the killer shark or be the hero who saves the victims from the hungry shark. will capture the intensity brought by the original movie while giving you a colorful and engaging gaming atmosphere.

Jaws.ioThe Gameplay

The mechanics are generally simple and easily manageable. If you have played games like and, this game will feature notable similarities. As soon as the game begins, you will be asked to select your preferred mode. You can either play as the Shark or as a Boat depending on your chosen mode. After the mode selection, you will be prompted to the virtual Amity Island and much like most of the io games that we used to play, takes you to a multidirectional game field. Simply tap and drag your finger around the screen to move the shark(or the boat).

On the game field, you will encounter numerous items which could either help or harm you in the process. Depending on your role, you will either collect or destroy the items you will encounter along the way. When playing Jaws mode, you take control of the white shark and devour everything along your way. The goal is to get big and consume as many victims within the given time frame without getting killed. When playing the hunter, your role is the exact opposite, save as many people as possible.

Jaws.ioOverwhelming Game Modes

The best part about is the overwhelming amount of game modes to choose from. Currently, there are four major campaigns to play including Jaws Mode, Hunter, King of the Sea and Local. Jaws mode is the main campaign in which you play the role of the great white shark. The mission is to terrorize the seas and eat as many victims as you can. Roam around the Amity Island and devour victims. The more you eat, the larger your size will become. Just prevent the shark from being killed by the hunters, otherwise, you’ll go back from scratch.

Hunter Mode is the campaign where you operate a hunter boat. The goal is to save as many victims as you can while hunting for the great white sharks. Much like Jaws mode, the boat size will dramatically increase based on the amount of people you save. King of the Sea is an interesting mode. Here, you initially play as the hunter but as soon as you shoot the shark down, you’ll eventually become the shark which gives you advantage against other players. Local mode on the other hand allows you to invite friends to a private match.

Jaws.ioImpressive Graphics, Sounds and Skins to Unlock is a game officially released by Universal Studio so it is not really surprising how the game managed to capture the real atmosphere of the movie. Aside from the very addictive gameplay, the players are also treated with impressive 3D graphics which are adorned with visually stunning and colorful details. To top it all, the game features the iconic music from the original movie which makes this game even more engaging.

The game also comes with some unlockable contents. Head over to the main menu and tap the Skin button. This will prompt you to the Skin selection page. There will be a separate unlockable skins for the Fishing Boat and the Shark. Interestingly, these items can be unlocked in many ways. Some items are unlocked by watching rewarded videos, some are based on the number of times you play the game. Other skins can be unlocked through Shark Points which you earn every match while others are part of the in-game shop.

The Verdict is definitely a great game. Whether you are a big fan of this classic thriller film or not, it is absolutely worth a download. With overwhelming amount of game modes to choose from and highly addictive gameplay and not to mention the remarkable replay value, is a game made to perfection. Currently, the game is available on both Android and iOS devices and you download for free. Good luck and have fun!


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