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Remember Lex of the classic Bookworm Adventures? Well, PopCap surely knows how to create iconic and well-acclaimed games even before the mobile game industry booms. There’s the Plants vs Zombies, Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma Deluxe to name a few. When it comes to a word game, Bookworm Adventures remains to be one of the best games to ever created in history and it is not a bold claim at all. It is also understandable that the concept of this game has been adopted by many developers. Word Wow Big City by Donkeysoft is definitely one of them but the developers managed to put their own twist on the game which makes special on its own.

Word Wow Big CityThe Gameplay

Although the game will introduce you to a character with a huge resemblance with Lex, Word Wow Big City, by any means, is not connected or affiliated to the classic PopCap franchise. The character in this game is also a green-colored worm. Unlike the Bookworm Adventures, this one doesn’t follow a story and you are also not opposing against a series of enemies. The main objective for Word Wow Big City is to help the worm reach the ground on time.

In order to do so, you must remove the letter tiles beneath him. Simply form a word using the letter tiles to destroy them. Interestingly, the letters do not have to be located adjacent to each other. You can select letters randomly even they are 3 or more blocks away from each other. All you need is to select letters in a proper sequence. Once they are highlighted with green, it indicates that you have created a valid word. Just tap the word to submit it.

Word Wow Big CityRace Against Time

What makes Word Wow Big City more challenging is the fact that you only have limited time to complete each level. Located on the far right side of the game screen is the apple bomb. The long wick will gradually decrease until it reaches the bomb and explodes. It is very important that you managed to bring the worm down to the ground before the bomb explodes. Otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning.

Luckily, you will also encounter special tiles that allow you to earn extra time. You can grab this opportunity to survive. However, if you do not like the time pressure, you can always remove the timer. Just head over to your Settings from the main menu and uncheck the Timed Game option. Also, just like most word games. The longer the word you create, the bigger the score you will earn. So better exert the best of your vocabulary skills to maximize your scores.

Word Wow Big CityTake Advantage of the Powerups

In Word Wow Big City, you will have three sets of powerup. First is the Shuffle. It basically shuffles the board and gives you new letters. In each level, you will also be granted with free Three letter words submission. Therefore, three letter words are merely not allowed in the game so try to form longer words for a better score. Bombs, on the other hand, allows you to destroy tiles on your selected areas. Take note that these powerups can only be used limitedly so be sure to make the most out of them.

The rate of difficulty also drastically increases as you progress. You will soon encounter tiles that are caged and vined which makes your journey even more challenging. There is overwhelming level to explore and various maps to unlock. Not to mention the special events that will arrive from time to time.

The Verdict

Word Wow Big City is a decent word game. It may not capture the quality and the overall concept of the classic Bookworm Adventure but the game is still special on its own. It offers an overwhelming amount of levels which provides commendable longevity. The fact that you can always go back to previous levels to complete the gem fragments gives the game remarkable replay value. Overall, it’s a great word game and absolutely worth playing. Currently, Word Wow Big City is available for free for both Android and iOS devices. Have fun!

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