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If you are an avid gamer, then you should know what AFK stands for. The acronym is mostly used to MMORPG which stands for “Away From Keyboard”. It basically means that the player can be seen online but not active. You have probably heard of the game known as AFK Arena by Lilith Games. AFK Arena is a game that wonderfully combines elements or RPG and Idle game. The AFK is aptly added on the title because some features of this game work perfectly well even without the player’s interaction. So while you are literally away from your phone, you are still getting progress due to its incremental elements.

AFK ArenaThe Gameplay

Like we said, AFK Arena merges elements from a typical Idle game and standard RPG. The game welcomes you with a cinematic introduction. AFK Arena is about the battle between good and evil. The story will take you back thousands of years ago when a Goddess of Life named Dura created all the mortal beings. Out of envy and jealousy, the God of Death Annih, created his own forms of life which he called Hypogeans. He summoned his minions to wreak havoc to the peaceful land of Esperia. With the full power of Dura, she managed to wipe out all the evil and bring the world back to its former glory. Unfortunately, the Goddess perished in the war.

Now, after thousands of years, Annih and his Hypogeans broke into their prison to terrorize and conquer the world once more. This time, however, no Goddess will protect the kingdom and you will be playing as the chosen hero that will gather all the magical artifacts from Dura and defeat the forces of evil. Interestingly, the game starts with two major characters, Ulric and Hogan. Eventually, they will meet Mirael and Ira who will soon accompany them on their journey. Basically, there are many areas to be explored in this game but the most important highlight is the incremental element.

AFK ArenaIdle Battle System

As soon as the game begins, it prompts you to Ranhorn (the place that provides you access to Guild, Temple of Ascension, Resonating Crystal, The Noble Tavern and many more). Located below the game screen is a small panel composed of multiple icons. Aside from Ranhorn, you can tap the Dark Forest to access the dungeons and arena, Campaign icon takes you to the actual battlefield while Heroes takes you to your hero profiles. The main action will take place when you access the Campaign. In this portion, you’ll get a chance to enter the battle or explore the World map.

There are two types of battle system in AFK Arena. First is the Idle battle. This type of battle will work even without the player’s interaction. Even the game is not actively being played, the heroes will still engage in an endless battle. The purpose of this idle battle is to gather resources and loots while you are not playing the game. Once you access the game, all the resources will be accumulated and you can collect them all in one tap. Therefore, the longer you leave the heroes on the battle, the more loots you can acquire.

The other battle system will take place after you click the Battle button. In this case, you will witness and deal with turn-based combat similar to a standard RPG battle system. You build a team and assign heroes to be part of the battle. Each hero has their own skills. If they have earned enough XP, you can activate their special power for a bigger attack rate. You can also activate the Auto-battle mode and let the game do the rest of the job.

AFK ArenaHuge Collection of Heroes

What makes AFK Arena even more special is the overwhelming amount of heroes you can unlock. This is not just your typical RPG and common class heroes we used to encounter. Each hero has their own storyline and acquiring them will even grant you generous rewards. In order to acquire a new hero, simply head over to your Noble Tavern from Ranhorn. Tap the Summon button and the game will randomly generate a hero. Heroes will vary based on their Rarity and you need to pay gems to summon them. The bigger the amount of gems you pay, the rarer the heroes you can acquire.

Enemies will become stronger as you progress and in order to efficiently match their strength, it is important to upgrade your heroes. Head over to Heroes tab and access the hero’s profile individually. Tap the Level Up button and it will drastically increase their basic attributes. When you have reached their maximum level, you will have the option to evolve them to make them even more powerful. You can also equip them with gears (from the loots) to enhance their abilities and to improve their stats.

AFK ArenaThe Verdict

AFK Arena has so many features to offer. The character designs are very impressive and you will surely appreciate the diversity being applied to the heroes. The graphics are equally impressive as well as the music and voice-overs which captures those wonderful RPGs that we used to enjoy. It also captures the addictive formula of an incremental or idle game. Overall, AFK Arena is definitely a game worth playing with. You can download the game on both Android and iOS devices and the game is available for Free.

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