Download Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire APK for iOS/Android

PublisherEpic Action LLC
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3 and up
Size60 MB
Latest Version3.29.17.79

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Review

The amazing game is full of adventure which lets you live an adventurous life through the game. It is one of the most popular games today with a huge fan base. With the increase in popularity, the game has now made its way to mobile and tablets too. The game (FFXV: A New Empire) is based on the original PS4 console version which has Noctis, the crown prince in the kingdom of Lucis. The prince struggles to expand his kingdom with Cindy and fights against the opposing armies to defend his homeland.

Here are some of the best features offered by the game:

  • It allows you to experience the adventures on your mobile phone.
  • Action play with all your favorite FFXV characters.
  • Best experience of fighting against quality opponent armies with millions of people from around the globe.
  • Build your empire and troops to win the real-time battles.
  • Set up plans to win against enemy troops in legendary battles.
  • Compete for the crystal against people from all over the world.
  • Travel and collect resources in order to build an empire.
  • Win the crystal and become a legend by ruling the realm

 Download Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire APK for iOS/Android 1

Build Times for free

Like any other building game, players get to spend up the build times for free if it is done within the last five minutes of building or they can also spend premium currency if they wish to. The best thing about the game is that the players do not have to be online constantly to check and make progress throughout the day. Instead, the players can just log in from time to time and yet witness progression which you will see right when you start playing FFXV: A New Empire.

Boosts in Variety

The boosts come in a variety of forms like the boosts from resources collected, use of shields for protection from any outside attackers, hero boosts, health boosts, XP boosts, and a lot more that you will enjoy while playing the game. These boosts can be earned and it is advised that players save them in the beginning because they need to first understand the strategies of the game and also the style of gaming, after which it can be spent accordingly. When you install the game, you get the advantage of a twenty-four-hour shielding which is a very good time to gain maximum resources possible and strengthen your defenses to meet with future hurdles.

Download Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire APK for iOS/Android 2


Before you jump into preparing your army and choosing an empire to wage war, you should be aware of the breakdown as well because that will give you strength and make the adventures you experience in this game even more exciting. Know about the strength and weakness of the warriors, mages, siege engines and cavalry, like warriors are strong against Siege Engines and cavalry but weak against traps and mages.


The game has exciting features and it is very easy to understand every one of them. The marvelous features and benefits of the game make the adventurous journey worth the time you spend playing it.

Download Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire APK for iOS/Android 3

Download Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire APK for Android/iOS

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