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PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
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Latest Version1.5.6

If there is any game that’s a sight for sore eyes, it’s a lovingly crafted indie title. That is, especially when it comes to indies that derive from Steam. Ashworld is one such game that’s received acclaim on PCs. Now it’s graced the mobile market without any sacrifices made to fit it onto the small screen. Mobile phones today are more than capable of handling pixel 2D graphics. Because of this, there is no downscaling needed to retain the art style of the game. Everything else also remains intact, which is key for a port like this to be successful. Given its history on Steam, it’s no wonder it’s able to do well here, too.

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This is an indie game made from the heart. The way the game handles its survival aspects makes it seem like the developers studied games in the genre closely and carefully. That way, they could capture the essence of a good survival experience and build upon it in ways that make their own take on it unique. The pixel take on the scenery is also ultimately charming; what could have been a muddy mess with 3D graphics is instead a memorable spectacle. The atmosphere of the game is also deliciously dark. Ashworld is generally great at providing a sense of scale and feel. It successfully immerses players into its foreign game world with the elements it constantly plays around with.

Ashworld is an open world action adventure set in a post apocalyptic world a few hundred years from now. The game has you try to survive in the rough world, with it’s limited resources and supplies, hostile enemies, night-creatures and mutated animals. You are also able to run and drive around the ragelands, visit buildings, talk to people, and beat up ragers and skellies. As you can see, the game has quite a lot for the player to do as he or she explores the vast terrain of this landscape. It challenges you in ways possibly not expected. The game also ensures you think about the decisions you make in the game. And most importantly of all, it balances these things out in a way that works. It’s rather intriguing to see how it all comes together.

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That is why I recommend Ashworld to players looking for a quality indie title to play on their phones. There is a reason why it’s managed to become a hit on Steam. You’ll get to see that if you download the game onto your device. As far as I’m concerned, it holds up well for portable play. It is also arguably better to play on here than it is on PCs. It may be a bold claim, but that is just how I am looking at it. Whatever the case may be, you may as well get to enjoy the game for what it is worth. I am sure you will find a lot to like about this one.

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Download Ashworld APK for Android/iOS

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