Fortnite Update: Is Fortnite Atlantis Rising Soon?

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 just got started and we were all greeted to a vast of interesting changes. Almost half of the old map was now submerged into the water after the devastating event that took place last season (Check: What Happened During and After the Device Event). Season 3 is now entitled Splash Down and just like most of us have predicted, this season comes with a heavy water-based theme. In fact, players can now ride sharks (Check: Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: New Maps, New Skins, and New Adventure). Unlike their initial trailer though, some features of the game are not yet accessible and that includes the ability to drive huge variants of land vehicles. Although there are no strong indications yet, it seems like Fortnite Atlantis will rise soon or at least a closer version to it. Here are the reasons why.

fortnite atlantisAquaman Deserves a POI

Unlike the previous season that features 6 bosses domains (if we include Meowscles’s Box Factory which now transformed into Catty Corner). Deadpool, apparently, took over Meowscles’ post and became the head of the Yacht. Now that season 3 introduced Aquaman as the new secret battle pass skin, I guess he rightfully deserves his own POI. Season 3 only has 3 major boss locations at the moment; Ocean can be found at the Fortilla, Jules at the Authority, and Kit at the Catty Corner. Now that it has revealed that Aquaman will have an equally large role like Deadpool, Aquaman deserves his own domain and nothing can be more appropriate than the Fortnite Atlantis.

fortnite atlantisThe Recent Patch Note Reveals the Rising Atlantis

FortTory (a reputable Fortnite Leaker) recently revealed on his Twitter account about the files he recently discovered that is probably referencing to the new Atlantis-inspired biome. He recently tweeted that a Fortnite Atlantis POI will soon rise and Aquaman will be the boss along with female Atlantis skins as bots. They are highly suspecting that the newly discovered encrypted POI called The Ruins will serve as the new Fortnite Atlantis. The Ruins will have structures like temples, monuments, chambers, gatehouses, gardens, and falls which all fit well with the Atlantis-inspired POI. Could this be true? If yes, who are excited to see the new Fortnite Atlantis? What could it possibly have to offer?

fortnite atlantisWater Level is Starting to Decline

While almost half of the new map is now submerged into water, it seems like it is not going to be permanent. The water level of the new map will start to decline soon which will eventually reveal new POIs. Some leakers are strongly suggesting that the giant whirlpool located near the former Shark location will serve as the new spot for the Fortnite Atlantis. According to some Fortnite leakers and creators, an eerie sound effect can be found in the game’s file that gives you that underwater theme vibe. Aside from the Ruins (which could be the new Fortnite Atlantis), many other POIs will emerge from the sunken map. Once the water level has totally declined, it could give us more platform for the rideable vehicles which will surely conquer the land real soon.

Aquaman is surely a great addition for this season but adding the Fortnite Atlantis will make a great sense for his character knowing that he will have a larger role in the storyline soon. I’m sure everyone is excited to see what the new Fortnite Atlantis would look like. Hey, since we are getting this nice underwater theme for Splashdown, don’t you think it is also a perfect season to finally introduce the Kraken? The theory about the Kraken in Fortnite has been around since early seasons and I think Epic should finally give justice to this and turn this rumor into a real Fortnite creature.

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