Fortnite Update: What Happened During and After The Device Event

The moment that we’ve all been waiting for finally happened a few minutes ago.  Epic Games never failed to surprise us with their massive live event and “The Device” is simply beyond our expectations. The Device event took place today (June 15, 2020, 2 PM EST) and we can’t just get over it. It seems like most of the predictions for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 are starting to manifest. So what really happened in this 30-40 minute long live event? Allow us to take you back to what possibly become one of the greatest moments in Fortnite history ( or at least in Chapter 2).

the device event fortniteThe Event Starts with Spy Wars

As advised, players are strongly encouraged to enter the event 30 minutes early. By this time, you won’t see any game modes other than “The Device” event. Tap the event and it prompts you to the prep zone before sending you and your squad on the battleground. If you have experienced playing the season’s limited time Operation matches, the Spy Game war that took place before the live event works exactly the same manner. The goal is to get the most number of kills. Prior to the battle, you will be asked to pick your preferred Intel which will gradually improve as you progress. The first team to reach the Elimination goal wins the match.

During this event, the Eye of Storm is already shrinking which turns The Agency, the only accessible battlefield for players. You can also see the countdown above the Agency. Players might also notice that the hatches surrounding the Agency have been opened. Other than that, nothing much was changed.

the device event fortniteThe Device Activated

The moment we’ve all been waiting took place right after the countdown ends. As the Device event started, the Spy Game was temporarily postponed and your access to weapons and maps were temporarily disabled as well. Few seconds after the countdown ends, the tower-like poles started to emerge from all the five hatches surrounding the agency. A few minutes later, the huge device started to rise from the center of the Agency emitting powerful shockwaves.

the device event fortniteInterestingly, from time to time, players will be sent into a series of flashbacks that took place in an office setting. No details were revealed about it but you’ll find yourself in a series of conversations asking a person over the phone named Janice to dial the so-called Resonance Actuator to 7.2. At some point, Fortnite character Jonesy also made an appearance.

the device event fortniteAfter the first flashback, everything seems fine and the device seemingly worked as the Storm started to subside. Not until it prompts you back to another flashback. This time, the Agency was entirely wrecked and players just witnessed a massive wall of water and the huge portion of the map has submerged. Players were once taken back to the Battle Bus, allowing us all to witness the epic event and how the Wall of water drastically changed the battle zone. The Spy Game war was now resumed and instead of seeing the shrinking Eye of Storm, it is now replaced by the huge wall of water.

Players can access the water but just like being caught in Storm, it will inflict damage to your health. You can also hear dolphins nearby. After resuming the battle, the team with the most number of kills wins the match.

the device event fortniteWhat Happened After the Device Event

So we decided to check what changes the recently-concluded device event will bring to the game. All the battle playlists were immediately resumed after the device event. Interestingly, the Prep Zone will now show you the massive wall of water. However, as you enter the match, you will be prompted back to the old map. Nothing much was changed except for the Agency which is now totally ruined. All the bosses can be spotted back to their respective bases and Midas can now be seen wearing his Shadow style. This is an indication that Shadows finally took over the Ghosts faction.

the device event fortniteAnother notable drastic change after the Device event is how the Eye of Storm is replaced by the wall of water. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 will start on Wednesday, June 17. So in case, you still have unfinished challenges, you might have to rush things up.

Fortnite Update: What Happened During and After The Device Event 1

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