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PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Size87 MB
Latest Version1.9.37

Itatake’s Rest in Pieces is a unique, eerie and enigmatic avoider game that will surely put your skills on a test. It is indeed a very unique game that takes you to a very enigmatic and somehow nightmarish atmosphere. The game follows the story of poor unfortunate souls that were trapped in a nightmare by demons. Inside the seemingly inescapable nightmare, the victims were turned into delicate porcelain dolls. They are attached to a string and constantly being pulled towards the demon. The goal in this game is to avoid all the obstacles and collect “eyes” to defeat the demons and free the victim’s souls. If you are brave enough to explore and escape this nightmare, feel free to play Rest in Pieces and see how far you can go.

Rest in PiecesThe Gameplay

Rest in Pieces comes with simple mechanics yet surprisingly tricky gameplay. As what mentioned above, your main objective is to guide the victim all throughout the nightmare and avoid all the obstacles at all cost. Take note that your character is made out of porcelain so you must refrain them from bumping to any obstacles that you will encounter along the way. Otherwise, as what the title of the game connotes, the victims will break into tiny pieces and you will have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning (unless you paid gems to revive the character from where you left off).

Interestingly, the game also comes with simple yet surprisingly tricky controls. Simply tap the left or right portion of the screen to swing the porcelain doll on both sides. The tricky part, however, is to estimate the force that you need to apply. Some obstacles require you to swing in great force while others require small movements to pass through them. Other than that, you have no other ways to manipulate the character. It’s generally an avoider game that is executed in a very impressive manner.

Rest in PiecesA Frustratingly Challenging Nightmare

One thing that you will notice when playing Rest in Pieces is the overwhelming level of difficulty even in the early stages. If there’s one best word to define the experience, it’s nothing more but frustrating. The game comes with a straightforward rule, enter the nightmare and survive by evading all the obstacles. It might sound simple but the game is frustratingly challenging. Players are strongly encouraged to master the control and that’s the only best strategy you can apply to win the game.

In each level, you will be taken to three stages with an increasing rate of difficulty. At the end of each stage, you will acquire an “eye” which allow you to inflict damage to the Demon. To defeat the demon, you must collect all the three eyes which means you literally need to complete all the stages from the beginning to the very end. Be mindful that there is no “checkpoint” of any kind and therefore, once you get killed, you have to go back from the very beginning. The only way to be revived from where you left off is to pay gems which are randomly scattered on the map.

Rest in PiecesUnlock More Characters and Chapters

It is also interesting to note that Rest in Pieces follows a life system. You only have five lives to spare and you consume one for every failed attempt. Hearts will be refilled in certain time duration or better yet refill them all instantly by watching a reward video which is the developer’s clever way to incorporate ads in this game. Interestingly, the game features an overwhelming number of characters to unlock and they are all inspired by different pop culture references. Your first character for an instance is a little girl named Georgina and the first chapter to explore is the Killer Clown. Generally, the character is merely inspired by “IT” where Georgina is a reference to Georgie and the Demon Clown is a reference to Pennywise.

What really makes the game more interesting is the ability to unlock more characters and chapters. To unlock a new character, you must collect enough gems. For each chapter, you can unlock three different characters and each has their own story. Take note that you can only unlock a new Chapter if you collected enough Eyes (basically you must complete all the characters in every chapter to proceed to the next one). Some chapters are inspired by different stories like Medusa, Kraken and many more. Every time you completed a character, you will save their souls.

Rest in PiecesThe Verdict

Rest in Pieces is a very unique game. If you are looking for a game that will not consume much of your phone storage yet offers very challenging gameplay, Rest in Pieces will suit your taste. Appearance-wise, Rest in Pieces is truly a visual delight. It is adorned with remarkable visuals and managed to capture an eerie and nightmarish atmosphere and a well-fitting enigmatic sound to set the mood right. Overall, Rest in Pieces is a great game and definitely worth a download. Currently, Rest in Pieces is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this amazing game for free. Good luck!

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