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PublisherCheetah Games
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Size31 MB
Latest Version3.2.5

Ah, now here is a game that’s so good that it even managed to be an Editor’s Choice on Google Play all the way back in 2016! How much further can one get in life than that? Nothing says “You’ve done it” more than a badge of honor from the very people that curate the very marketplace your game resides in. So what is the remarkably special game that got this privilege to be among some of the very best Google Play has in its store?

Download Rolling Sky APK for Android/iOS 1

Why, that would be Rolling Sky from the folks at Cheetah Games. As you could imagine, and as with a lot of other games we discuss about on this very site, this is a simple game to pick up and play. Yet, it excels in what it has to offer. If you’ve been following this site, you may know that is the kind of game we like best!

While Rolling Sky may have a very broad name, it has a lot of content under its belt. Naturally, you have to swipe across the touch screen to maneuver the ball, but what kinds of obstacles and hazards that the ball encounters is another story altogether. The level designs are impressively varied and there are loads of challenges to complete and conquer. The level of variety featured in Rolling Sky is the kind that I never would have expected a mobile game to reach. Yet, this manages to do that without a hitch.

It is almost like the developers wanted to make a Nintendo-style platformer, but had to rework it into a Marble Blast kind of game. That is not to say that they slacked on their abilities, too; Rolling Sky very successfully executes its design in a way that not many games could hope to achieve. Top it off with a dazzling 3D effect and you’ve got yourself a winner that people cannot resist playing.

Download Rolling Sky APK for Android/iOS 2

Much like the people behind Google Play suggest, I give Rolling Sky a high recommendation. There is no reason why you shouldn’t at least try this game once. It is a real heck of a modern classic as far as mobile devices are concerned, and it’s sure to keep its fans playing for months (Maybe even years?) to come. Don’t miss out on this one, no matter what the case may be! You owe it to yourself to give this marvelous gem a download to your phone.

Cheetah Games and Ketchapp should pat themselves on the back for the work they’ve done on this. While most popular games tend to fade from popularity as time goes on, Rolling Sky is the kind of game that deserves all the praise it could get. The graphics are a lot of fun to look at, the soundtrack is blissful fluff for the ears, and the gameplay is as addictive as mobile games could possibly get. There is nothing to not love about Rolling Sky.

Download Rolling Sky APK for Android/iOS 3

Download Rolling Sky APK for Android/iOS

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