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PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version2.2.00

plants vs zombiesPlants Vs Zombies is truly a game changer! This highly addictive defense-strategy game changes the landscape of horror survival genre and somehow gives us a friendly interpretation of these brain-eating zombies. The highly popular PopCap game starts off as game for Windows and Mac and eventually ventured in other platforms including Android and iOS. The concept of the game is generally simple yet undeniably unique and something beyond everyone’s imagination. Out of all the possible means of defense, who would have thought that plants are surprisingly capable of protecting you from hungry zombies?

The mobile version of Plants Vs Zombies is merely the same with its PC counterpart. The game features elements from classic tower defense strategy where the goal is to protect your base from incoming enemies. However, instead of towers, you’re putting plants in front of your defensive line! Each plant will vary in terms of their abilities. Some plants are capable of attacking enemies while others are mainly for defense.

plants vs zombiesThe Gameplay

The mechanics are very simple yet players must still apply the best and most effective strategy to win each level. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you to the lawn where the battle between plants and zombies will take place. There will be five to six horizontal lanes on the field with lawn mowers at the far left. The zombies will be coming from the opposite size and will slowly approach the house. Before their arrival, players will have enough time to build his defense.

In order to summon a plant, you must collect enough Sunlight.  Each plant will cost certain amount of Sunlight which you can freely collect as they drop automatically in certain interval. Sunflower plants can also generate Sunlight to help you speed up its production. Please be mindful that Plants can only attack in certain direction so you must think of an effective formation to prevent any zombies from breaking through. If any zombie breaks in, the game will come to a quick end and you have to start the same level back from the beginning.

plants vs zombiesPlants and Zombies

Interestingly, there’s an overwhelming amount of plants to unlock. Plants will vary in terms of their abilities. Some plants use projectile and shoot incoming zombies from afar. Most plants will attack automatically but others require minimal interaction and manual placement like Cherry Bombs and Jalapeno. Some plants are mainly for Defense such as Walnuts, Squash, Pumpkins and Garlic. Some plants are only usable in special occasion. Nocturnal plants like Shrooms are only usable at night when light sources are limited. There are also special plants for water.

Like the Plants, Zombies also come in wide varieties. These zombies will vary in terms of their durability, speed and other special behavior and abilities. Zombies who often wear protection like Conehead Zombie, Buckethead and Headwear Zombie have bigger health than the typical zombies.  Some Zombies will even arrive with vehicles like Zamboni and Catapult with higher level of toughness. The Gargauntuar has the highest level of toughness next to the game’s final boss – Dr Zomboss.

plants vs zombiesGame Modes and Mini Games

Occasionally, you’ll encounter unique game modes in this game. You will enter a Conveyer-belt level from time to time where plants are delivered via conveyor. In this level, you can use plants even without the sunlight. Players will also encounter Scenarios like Night time and Roof top which both require certain type of plants.

If you reach certain levels, you can also unlock various campaigns. Adventure is basically the main campaign but you can soon unlock modes like Mini Games, Quick Play, Survival and Puzzle which give this game an interesting amount of replay value. Minigames contain variants from the regular game but with a twist while Puzzle takes you to three different puzzle types to play. Quick Play, a mode not applicable for PC counterparts, allows player to replay certain level from the main campaign.

plants vs zombiesCrazy Dave

Crazy Dave will occasionally appear on the game not just to give you hints but also to introduce you in his very own “Twiddydinkies”.  You can buy seed packets, upgrades, and extra defenses in his shop. Players can use the in-game money but it also features microtransactions where player can purchse premium items.

With the uniqueness of the gameplay and adorable child-friendly characters, Plants vs Zombies is definitely a game that can be appreciated by gamers of all walks of ages. It is simple yet absolutely addictive and fun! The sequel by the way, Plants vs Zombies 2 will offer new maps and game modes and equally amusing gameplay!

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