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PlatformsAndroid 4.3 and up
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Latest Version2.07

Combo Planet will take the classic Minesweeper game into an all-new exciting level. The game takes you to an intergalactic adventure in which your goal is to play the role of an employee of the so-called “Combo Planet Cleaning Service”. Unfortunately, there are many planets in the galaxy that are heavily polluted and you must stop and clear the pollutants before it’s too late. Although the concept is inspired by the classic Minesweeper, Combo Planet works differently in many levels. The goal is to swipe out all the pollutants before the time runs out. If you think you have what it takes to clean the galaxy, feel free to explore Combo Planet and see how far you can go.

Combo PlanetThe Gameplay

It is interesting to note that Combo Planet comes with quite a complex rule and mechanics. You cannot really understand the gameplay without reading the instructions thoroughly. As mentioned above, Combo Planet is a game that is merely inspired by Minesweeper but unlike the aforementioned game, Combo Planet will not take you to a classic 2D plane filled with grids. Instead, the game features a 3D Interactive sphere covered with hexagonal tiles. Unlike Minesweeper where you must refrain yourself from tapping the mines, Combo Planet will ask you to tap the so-called “Pollutants” simultaneously to eliminate them from the planet.

Here’s how it works. As soon as the game starts, you will be prompted right away to the planet. Initially, all the hexagonal tiles are blank. Tap any tile to reveal their numbers. Those numbered tiles that are colored green are considered “Unpolluted” which means, it is safe to tap them. Those that are colored red indicate a pollutant that should be eliminated. To clear them off, you must find another Pollutant of the same value. What makes it even trickier, the value of the tile also indicates the number of tiles that you must tap consecutively. So if you got a Number 3 Pollutant, you must find another 2 Number 3 pollutants to completely remove them.

Combo PlanetA Tricky Game of Chance

If you clicked a tile and revealed another pollutant but with a different value, it will break the chain and all the polluted tiles will be darkened. It will also reduce your time. Take note that the game is being timed and you must be able to clear all the tiles before it runs out. Otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you need to start the same planet back from the very beginning until you managed to make it through. So if you uncover a pollutant but you just can’t find another pollutant of the same level or value, you can simply tap the tile again and choose to disconnect the combo chain.

Disconnecting the combo chain is the most effective method to prevent the time meter to deplete faster. Just like the Minesweeper, Combo Planet is still considered as a Game of Chance. First of all, the pollutants and their value are all hidden and you can trust is your instinct. It is all up to you to take the risk whether to you want to hit the tiles consecutively or disconnect the combo chain to play it safe. Take note that this game is not all about luck because it requires players to strategize the game. The numbers are not randomly generated. You can actually use them as your guide because the numbers represent the sum of level of all adjacent pollutants. So if you see a Number 12 (unpolluted), there must be a Number 5 or 2 Pollutants nearby.

Combo PlanetExplore Other Campaigns and Use Props

Interestingly, Combo Planet comes with two engaging and equally-challenging modes. There’s a Part-time Mode which takes you to level by level challenge. In this campaign, the levels are timed individually. The rate of difficulty will also drastically increase which makes the game even more challenging. Unlimited Explore Mode, on the other hand, takes you to a continuous challenge. Here, you will explore one planet after another. The goal is to clear as many planets as possible within the given time frame.

Another great element of this game that you can take advantage with are the props. They are more predominantly used in Unlimited Explore Mode but they are also applicable in Part-Time. Props will have a different purpose! Some of them allow you to instantly reveal tiles that are not polluted while others allows you to extend your time limit. There are also props that will reveal all Pollutants and clear them off on your behalf. To obtain them, you can use the spinning wheel, watch a reward video and get your prize.

Combo PlanetThe Verdict

The game came with a complex rule but as soon as you learn to master the mechanics, you will find it absolutely fun and addictive. Appearance-wise, Combo Planet might take you to a repetitive visual but still worth exploring. After all, the stronger asset of this game is the gameplay itself. The game also comes with an Achievement and Trophy System which gives Combo Planet an impressive replay value. If you are up for a challenging mobile game, Combo Planet is a perfect fit. Currently, Combo Planet is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this game for free. Good luck!

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