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download Dunk HitIf Ketchapp has Dunk Shot, Voodoo offers Dunk Hit! Although both game shares notable similarities, they are different in many levels. As what the title suggests, your main objective in this game is to get the highest score as possible. In order to do so, you must skillfully dunk the ball into the basket one after another. True! This game shares the same objective with Dunk Shot but Dunk Hit offers a different gameplay. Instead of using trajectory, you must constantly tap the screen to make the ball bounce and try to shoot it on the basket. If you think you have the skills, feel free to download Dunk Hit and see how far you can go!

Just like most of the Voodoo Games, Dunk Hit is also characterized by its overall simplicity. It’s a kind of game that doesn’t offer any hardcore details or any impressive visual presentation. It doesn’t have any complex mechanics either.  Despite the apparent simplicity, Dunk Hit is surprisingly entertaining and addictive. Whether you are a big basketball fan or not, you can confidently download Dunk Hit and experience the fun!

download Dunk HitThe Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are very simple and easily manageable. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you to a simple interface with a bouncing ball and a basketball ring on the side. To start, simply tap the screen and let the ball bounce. Keep tapping the screen and let the ball stay on the midair. You should also apply right amount of force when tapping. The greater the force you apply, the bigger the bounce it makes.

The game sounds incredibly easy but Dunk Hit is surprisingly tricky. The main challenge in this game is the time limit. As soon as you shoot the first ball, the time meter will start to deplete. You can find the time meter on  the top most portion of the game screen. Be mindful that it only takes seconds before the time runs out and you must be quick enough to shoot the ball within the time frame, otherwise the game is over.

download Dunk HitAim For Perfect Shots

If you download Dunk Hit, your top most priority is to get the highest score as possible and this can be done in many ways. First, you must be skillful enough to shoot the ball from one basket to another. The next basket will only appear right after a successful shot. The timer will also reset back but will deplete faster as you progress.

Interestingly, the score per shot will vary depending on how precise you shot the ball. Perfect shots will double the score but you will earn more if you perform combos. You can perform combo by constantly making perfect shots. The higher the combo you make, the higher the score you will earn. If you break the combo, you’ll go back to normal scoring.

download Dunk HitUnlock Skins and Explore Challenges

Another thing that you will enjoy when you download Dunk Hit is the ability to unlock new skins.  Interestingly, this game doesn’t have any virtual currency and you can unlock new skins by completing various tasks. Some skins can be unlocked by playing the game in certain amount of time or by reaching certain scores. The game offers an overwhelming amount of skins to unlock. Although they havce different appearance, there’s really nothing special about them. Some skins includes fruits, pop-culture icons and many more. Currently, the game has 24 unlockable skins!

Aside from the main campaign, you can also explore Challenges. Simply head over to the Main menu and tap the Trophy icon to access the challenges. Currently, there are 24 challenges in this game and each has different objectives to follow. Take note that these challenges are not played in order. You can play any challenge you want with infinite attempts.


The simplicity of this game is simply overwhelming yet it is surprisingly tricky. I guess Voodoo managed to get a perfect formula for their games that despite of lacking with visually engaging details, they are still fun and addictive to play with. Dunk Hit is not an exemption. It is fun, entertaining and undeniably addictive. The downside however is the overwhelming ads that will show up here and there. Other than that, it is an entertaining game that you can confidently download on your mobile. Have fun!


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