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Title Black Survival may make you think something you shouldn’t. Let us not be so judgmental and delve deeper into this survival battle royale PvP game.

Black Survival


You wake up on an island called Lumia, how convenient. It seems that you are partaking in an experiment you can’t actually remember. So much for volunteering, huh? Soon you’ll find out that you have to outlive other 9 people that are in the same situation as you. And the tutorial girl, Nadja, suddenly tells you there is no time and that you need to try the game for yourself, to actually find out how it works. Then why the misleading intro which seemed ordinary enough up to that moment? Just to demonstrate the laziness of your writers? Anyway, I’ll try to finish her job.

Black Survival

You maneuver around and island, split into 22 different areas. Your main goal is to be the last man standing among 9 other participants, which are real players! To do that, you’ll have to search the areas you find yourself in, to gather materials and to craft useful items, such as weapons and food, which will keep you both protected and strong against many foes and dangers you may encounter. The trick is to escape a certain area before it becomes restricted. If you stay for too long, your bracelet goes boom, and you go boom with it. In other words, it’s game over for you. So, sector by sector, the playable area shrinks, forcing you to face the other survivors. May the best one win!

Black Survival


Everyone starts in the same area, an underground path, from where you can move anywhere around the map. Sectors that are soon to be restricted are marked with an exclamation mark sign, so pay attention to that! When you enter a certain area, you’ll want to spend your stamina points to explore the area, by simply touching the middle of your screen. One out of two possible things will happen: you’ll either run into a resource you can pick up, or an enemy you can attack or run away from. Keep an eye on your health, which can be replenished by using food, and your stamina which is filled up by drinking water, potions and such. Both of them can be refreshed by choosing the rest option. Any damage taken will interrupt the process. Other than players, you can run into wild beasts which can hurt you equally bad.

Black Survival

A bit richer approach is noticed with materials and crafting. And it’s maybe too much, bearing in mind how this game is presented to you. There are a lot of items to craft, so it’s hard to keep track of what you need, what you have, and, finally what you even want to make. It’s not perfectly clear which item will occupy which character slot, and it’s hard to compare bonuses of the two items and to make a quick decision. And when it comes down to one sector left, those decisions need to be really quick! And you’ll fill up your inventory pretty quick if you just keep grabbing everything you run into, like a little hoarder. Luckily, you can get back to items you’ve dropped in that area, so as long as you remain in the same sector, you can manipulate the lack of inventory slots.

Black Survival


From the very premise and the description it sounds amazing. And wouldn’t you know it, the developer makes it sound even cooler. They advertise the game as a real-time survival strategy. That’s not completely true. It is real-time on paper, but it sure does not feel like it. While all the response of the game is in real-time (who damaged you and for how much etc), it looks and feels more like a single player text based adventure with some loose graphic elements. The area is represented through a still image which shakes just a bit, when you interact with it. You can’t actually explore it, rotate the non-existing camera or interact with any of the objects depicted in your surroundings. Everything you can come in touch with is presented through menus and tables, so, mainly UI. The sound effects and music are mediocre, and sometimes even annoying.

Black Survival

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