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PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3 and up+
Price$1.92 – $95.89 in app purchases
Size17.13 MB
Latest Version1.0.14


With over 1 million downloads globally and still counting to its credit, Bricks Breaker mission is doing awesomely great.  To pass time, ward off boredom, keep busy and test your intellectual quotient, download Bricks Breaker Mission mod APK. It’s fun, addicting and colorful all the way.

Download Bricks Breaker Mission MOD APK for Android 1

Actually, I like to see bricks breaker as a puzzle game as well as bricks builder/ destroyer. Notwithstanding, it’s more of the later. For me, understanding the game is quite easy. As simple as destroying something for some reason. All you need is one right blow, even though every strike to achieve this goal counts. It is very much the same with the game.

To begin, you simply need to touch your screen. That sound easy I guess. As you keep firing balls at the brick, it wears down, until there’s a final strike that tears all down completely.

Mainly, the screen is your stage and requires no special skill. Tap your screen softly as you set the scoreboard over and over. 

Bricks breaker – made of more

Download Bricks Breaker Mission MOD APK for Android 2Yes. These are the foundational aspects of any game. The reason why players want more and so much more. Mobirix games have indeed set a pace with dynamic aspects of this game. Download Bricks Breaker Mission mod APK to enjoy tons of engaging modes and levels.

This game is for sure the simplest game you’d ever come across. The gameplay is extremely convenient and not boring. For a start, there are 50 balls available for you. So if you lose one, you just replace it. Your ball appears in triangles, spheres, stars, triangles, and squares. After continuous strikeouts at strategic points as I like to call them, the bricks die off when durability equals zero. In the same vein, a level ends as the bricks give way.


Apart from multi-player friendliness, you enjoy more options you download Bricks Breaker Mission mod APK. The fun goes round as you play with your friends and without network restrictions when offline. In fact, it works perfectly offline without Wi-Fi and direct connectivity for the whole clan.

Download Bricks Breaker Mission MOD APK for Android 3

Therefore, you can always play from where you left off.  Unlike other games, this doesn’t discriminate. It works great on “low-end devices” as well as tablets. On the other hand, the game theme is simple and precise. Sometimes, the balls look like stars in a dark colorful night.

Concluding verdict

The unlimited gameplay is one that keeps you up mentally without much work. Importantly it is prone to advance optimization which promises to give you a pleasurable gaming experience. You shouldn’t miss out on this one. Download Bricks Breaker Mission mod APK via the links below. Hence, remember to invite friends, the more, the merrier.

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