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Super Mario is undeniably one of the most iconic video games ever created in gaming history. The video game franchise is not just critically-acclaimed but also commercially successful. It is not really surprising to see mobile games that are merely inspired by its classic platformer formula. Bob’s World by OneSoft Global is one of those Mario-esque inspired mobile games. The game will take you to a series of challenging levels with a varying range of difficulties. Your main objective is to guide your character all the way to the finish line while skillfully surpassing all the obstacles that you will encounter along the way. If you are a great Super Mario fan and looking for an alternative version for your mobile, you might consider downloading Bob’s World and see what else this platformer game has to offer.

Bob's WorldThe Gameplay

If you have experienced playing any classic Super Mario game or any Mario clones, then you should know how exactly Bob’s World works. The mechanics are generally simple and easily manageable. As mentioned above, your main objective is to guide Bob all the way to the finish line while successfully avoiding all the obstacles you will encounter along the way. Bob’s World is not supported by any plot or storyline but the app description clearly states that your mission is to help Bob rescue his princess who was apparently kidnapped by an enemy. Yes! That’s exactly the damsel-in-distress story that we are all familiar with.

Despite lacking of supporting story to explore, Bob’s World comes with levels with decent challenges that will put your skills on a test. As soon as the game starts, it will prompt you immediately to the 2D side-scrolling map. The game features basic controls. You can move the character using the left and right arrow buttons located on the lower-left corner of the game screen. The tap-based buttons on the bottom right of the screen allow you to jump and throw bombs. Like the classic Mario game, you will also encounter blocks that can grant you gold coins and other special items that can provide you special abilities. The level is successfully cleared when you have reached the flag and the castle located at the end of the side-scrolling map.

Bob's WorldA Nostalgic Platformer

If there is one best word to describe this game, it is nothing more but nostalgic. Bob’s World managed to capture all the classic elements of the iconic Mario game. The character design itself greatly resembles Super Mario. The maps are also clearly inspired by the classic Mario game. You will encounter warp pipes that can transport you to various maps like underwater, dark caves, and many more. Bob’s World also features counterparts of the Super Mario classic villains. The game has its own version of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Piranha Plants, and more. Not to mention the sound effect that we commonly hear from the classic video game.

Aside from reaching the finish line, you are also encouraged to collect coins that you will encounter along the way. The coins are generally used to buy consumable skills, unlock new characters, or purchase bullets. The game will also allow you to double the amount you collected per level by watching a rewarded video. You can access the shop before or during the level. Just tap the cart icon on the upper left corner of the screen to access the shop. Just like the classic Mario, you can also acquire skills that are randomly produced by special blocks. Some skills allow you to grow in size (you can only destroy blocks when you have reached your maximum size), shield (provides invulnerability for a short period of time), and Bombs (infinite use of bullets without paying any gold).

Bob's WorldClearing Level with Perfect Score

It is important to mention that Bob’s World comes with a score system. Each level will be rated from 1 to 3 stars (three being the highest) based on your performance. Some factors that might affect your rating include the overall time you have spent, the number of coins you collected, and the total number of attempts you had. Keep in mind that you are also racing against the time in this game. In each level, you are only given a specific amount of time to reach the finish line. Failing to do so will end the game and you have no other option but to start the same level back from the very beginning (unless you watched a rewarded video).

Interestingly, this scoring system provides Bob’s World an impressive replay value. You will also encounter a female NPC within the game that offers you to watch another rewarded video. This is only one of the few chances to earn “cards” that are needed to unlock new characters. You can also earn these cards through daily login bonuses (but the chances are very slim). The game has three other unlockable characters (excluding Bob). It includes Bin (Luigi-inspired), Jin (Toad-inspired), and Santa Claus (a special Bob skin). You can also unlock these characters by purchasing them from the in-game shop using real money. The same thing goes with special bullets like Dart, Boomerang, and Rain Bow.

Bob's WorldThe Verdict

Being one of Mario clones, the concept applied for Bob’s World is not completely original but it wonderfully captures all the exciting platformer elements that we all enjoyed from the classic and critically-acclaimed video game. Appearance-wise, the game will take you to a colorful Mario-inspired world and is complemented with well-fitting music that completes the overall nostalgic experience. The rate of difficulty is also drastically increasing as you progress which makes the game worth exploring especially if you are looking for a decent free alternate version of Mario. Currently, Bob’s World is only available for Android devices and you can download the game for free. Good luck and have fun!

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