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This game takes its stones pretty seriously. So, if you want to be a real adventurer, grow a pair… of stones. Try Grow Stone Online for an odd adventure.


Goddess of earth, Gaia, has created everything, but mostly stones. Rare ones, magical ones, ancient ones, all kinds of stones! The word is in the title of the game, isn’t it? But, all that creation can exhaust, even a goddess! And, what does one do when she gets exhausted? Creates vile and dangerous creatures, of course! So with all kinds of different stones, the World gets all kinds of ferocious monsters as a side dish. And what does one do when she accidentally creates monsters? To balance things back, she creates heroes! You are one of those heroes, who’ll need to pick up a lot of stones in order to find or create the legendary one, with which you’ll be able to fight all the evil in the world.

Grow Stone Online

I know, you’re confused, too, right? Don’t take it too seriously, the developers didn’t either. Long story short, it’s a fantasy 2D pixel MMORPG with a lousy plot. It centers heavily around, you’ll guess, stones. You use them as your main weapon, which you upgrade by merging same stones, creating more and more powerful ones. Move around the world, visit dungeons, hunt animals and monsters, collect and merge stones, and trade with various items and materials. Give your best at understanding the illiterately written story, and trying to beat the game without buying rubies, the premium currency, for real cash. And mind you, most of the things in this game costs too much, for example, simple reviving after dying, if you don’t want to play a whole bunch of content all over again.

Grow Stone Online


There is something really addictive about that merging mechanic. It keeps you going because you want to find out what you’ll unlock next, when you merge your two stones of the highest level. But, after some time, it gets pretty monotonous, because you’ll mainly collect stones level one, even when you get to level ten and more with your main one. You move around an instanced open-world environment with your virtual D-pad, and use two buttons on the left to attack and chat. Everything else is done through the UI and lots and lots of menus. You can even set the attack on auto, so you’ll just need to walk around and kill stuff.

Grow Stone Online

But first, I would suggest collecting (cough, grinding) a lot of stones, in order to make a powerful weapon for yourself. When you’ve reached the phase in which two stones become a shuriken, you’ll know you’re on the right tracks! After that, you can give a few dungeons and forests a shot, but evade those with the tag boss in the description. Those are too strong, for now. Then maybe try crafting and grinding a little bit more. Maybe obtaining a pet and joining a clan. Everything is more fun with friends, right? Even this underdeveloped game. I guess PvP is cool, but I haven’t had the chance to try it out. There are all kinds of adventures out there, either in the field or in a dungeon, so connect one of your social media profiles, and… socialize!

Grow Stone Online

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