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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size26 MB
Latest Version1.23.1

Ninja Warrior by TOH Games takes you to an action-packed 2D platformer adventure. As what the title of the game connotes, your goal here is the play the role of a mighty ninja and your mission is to clear all the enemies and reach the exit portal without getting killed. It is a generally simple yet surprisingly tricky platformer that will put your skills on a great test. The game doesn’t have a major plot for the players to follow but your character is described as a ninja endowed with superhuman skills and was trained by legendary ninja warriors for many years to help them become scary warriors legend. If you think you have what it takes to become the best ninja of them all, feel free to explore Ninja Warrior and see how far your skills can take you.

Ninja WarriorThe Gameplay

The mechanics for this platformer game are generally simple and easily manageable. If you have experienced playing some action platformers like Oddmar or Shadow of Death, you should know how exactly this game works. As soon as the game starts, you will be prompted immediately to the first level. You start the game with the basic default character and there will be no other options to choose from. You can, however, unlock other characters by collecting enough premium gems. The game features basic controls. You can move the character using the left and right arrow buttons located on the far left corner of the game screen.

Your character has four basic skills (all of which except the ability to jump are upgradable). All skills are executed through tap-based buttons located on the bottom right corner of the game screen. You have the ability to jump (double-tap the jump button to reach higher platforms), throw shurikens, transform yourself into a log (for stealth), and to dash (more damage). The goal is to reach the exit portal to progress to the next level. However, this is not going to be easy as you will encounter an overwhelming number of obstacles along the way. You must surpass them all without getting killed, otherwise, you might end up repeating the same level until you managed to make it through.

Ninja WarriorExplore Levels With Challenging Obstacles

Simple but tricky! This is how you can perfectly describe Ninja Warrior. The overall gameplay is simple yet the rate of difficulty per level is drastically increasing which makes the game more challenging and thrilling at the same time. Each level comes with multiple obstacles that you must skillfully surpass. Keep in mind that enemies are armed with various weapons like swords, spears, and guns which can shoot you from afar. Luckily, you are both a long-ranged and melee fighter but you must come up with an effective strategy to win this game. Take note that there is no “health bar” system in this game and once you get hit either by an enemy or a trap, your character will be killed instantly and you will be prompted back to the last checkpoint.

Obstacles in Ninja Warriors are manifested in many forms. There are deadly spike traps, fire throwers, poisonous fog, and various challenging mechanisms that you must skillfully avoid. The most effective technique to win this game is to visualize your situation carefully before making any reckless actions. Take note that you only have limited life points to consume and if you lose them all, your game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the same level back from the very beginning.

Ninja WarriorHidden Scrolls and Upgradable Skills

Aside from your goal to reach the exit, you are also encouraged to collect coins along the way. Interestingly, these gold coins are not completely visible on the map. They can be earned by destroying vases or jars that are randomly scattered around the map. You can also earn coins by killing enemies. By the end of each level, all the coins you have collected will be accumulated and the game will also grant you a certain number of gems that serve as the premium currency for this game. It is very important to note that both currencies (gold coins and gems) are necessary to perform an upgrade.

To upgrade your character, simply go back to the main menu and tap on skills to access the upgrade options. There are four upgrades in this game. One is dedicated to resilience to increase your maximum life and the other three are dedicated to your skills. Upgrading your Assassinate skill allows you to have a higher critical attack chance while upgrading the Slash attack will lessen its cooldown. The Disguise technique, on the other hand, will provide you longer disguising time when upgraded. Aside from the coins, each level also hides three scrolls. You are strongly encouraged to locate all these scrolls for greater achievements. Scrolls are also needed to unlock new maps. Although you can clear the level even without collecting them all, it provides Ninja Warrior an impressive replay value.

Ninja WarriorThe Verdict

Simple yet surprisingly fun. I guess this is the best way to describe this action-packed platformer game. Ninja Warrior comes with an overwhelming number of levels to explore that provides that game a commendable longevity. The collectible scrolls, on the other hand, gives this game an impressive replay value. Appearance-wise, Ninja Warrior is an absolute visual delight. There are various maps to explore and each is complemented with great visuals and well-fitting music. Ads are also very minimal in this game and something most players will appreciate.

The in-game shop also offers a bunch of interesting deals that allow you to remove all ads, earn bundles of virtual currencies, or upgrade all skills to maximum levels.  The rate of difficulty is also drastically increasing that makes this game more challenging and thrilling at the same time. Currently, the game is only available for Android devices and you can download Ninja Warrior for free. Have fun!

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