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PublisherRovio Entertainment
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size97 MB
Latest Version7.9.3

Angry BirdsWith billions of downloads across all gaming platforms (including the PC and Mobile), Angry Birds remains to be one of the most successful games in history. Who would have thought that these short-tempered birds will literally soar high? Angry Birds is a simple yet fun and absolutely addictive physics based puzzle game. The goal is simple; shoot the birds towards the pig’s base using a Slingshot and destroy them.

Angry Birds is indeed a massive success and it expanded to an equally successful sequel and a bunch of wonderful spin-offs.  Despite the vast of interesting improvements made for the sequel, the original Angry Birds never loses its magic. The game is still entertaining and addictive. To top it all, Rovio added some notable elements like additional in-app features and Bird skills.

Angry BirdsThe Gameplay

Angry Birds follows a simple and straightforward mechanics and rules. As soon as the game begins, it will prompt you right away to the 2D game field. The slingshot is located on the far left and the pig’s castle or base are on the opposite side. Players must launch the birds one at a time and they should breakthrough or better yet destroy the enemies’ base. Take note that destroying the base will not guarantee a sure win because you need to eliminate all the pigs.

The main challenge in this game is the limited number of moves per level. In each level, players only have limited number of pre-determined birds to launch. If you have launched them all and yet there are still pigs left, the game is considered failed.

Angry BirdsThe game controls are simple too. Simply drag and hold your finger away from the slingshot to move the trajectory and release to shoot. You can also tap the screen while the birds are on the mid-air to activate their respective skills.

New Birds and Skills

The game has expanded to many spin-offs and a sequel which also introduced us to many other characters. The recent update for the original Angry Birds will not allow you to access new characters but you can still embrace the classic flock of birds. The original flock includes the iconic Red Bird, the Blues, Chuck, Bomb and Matilda. Each bird has their own unique skills that players can take advantage of.

Angry BirdsRed is technically the weakest of them all and his Battle cry skills are not often useful in most situation. Chuck will instantly boost speed when players tap the screen while the Blues can split into 3 and can break glass easily. Bomb can explode and destroy rocks while Matilda can shoot egg bombs.  The rest of the new birds like Hal, Terrence, Stella, Bubbles and more will be introduced on both Episodes and Mighty League Campaigns.

The new campaigns will also introduce special skills like Mighty Eagle, King Sling, Super seeds, Sling scope and Birdquake. Each will only last for short period of time and has their own cool down time.

Angry BirdsNew Campaigns

Interestingly, the original Angry Birds is just part of the Training Campaign which takes you to 45 levels. The new update will take you to two new campaigns including the Episodes and Mighty League. Episodes has become the main campaign for this game with hundreds of levels to explore. Mighty league on the other hand, is a daily challenge that allows you to compare score with your Friends via in-game leaderboard.


Angry Birds has never lost its magic. It is still the same entertaining and addictive physics-based puzzle game that we all love. Despite the new games, the original Angry Birds is still capable of giving enough fun and challenge to the gamers.

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