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PublisherRovio Entertainment
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version2.20.2

Angry birds 2They’re back! The adorable yet short-tempered birds are back in Angry Birds 2 with greater adventure and a vast of wonderful improvements. Rovio Entertainment launches the sequel to their popular Angry Birds game 5 years after its massive success. The original game expanded into many spinoffs like Angry Birds Rio, Space, Seasons, Star Wars and more. Angry Birds 2 is technically the 12th game in the series featuring the classic bird characters from the original game. Generally, the game shares the same concept, rules and mechanics yet the sequel offers a well-improved graphics that makes this game a certified visual delight!

Much like the game’s predecessors, Angry Bird 2 embraces the same core gameplay. Your main objective is to fling the birds using the slingshot and destroy the pigs’ base. Moves, however, are limited so players must apply the most effective strategy to maximize his chances in winning. Aside from the sequel’s visually stunning graphics, the game offers a vast of notable changes that makes it more enjoyable. Some noteworthy changes include the customization features, the individual bird skill set, overwhelming achievements and great maps to unlock! Generally, despite having the same gameplay, Angry Birds 2 still has its magic, an addictive formula that makes it equally entertaining and fun!

Angry birds 2The Gameplay

The mechanics are very simple and the goal is very clear, fling the birds and destroy the pigs! As soon as the game begins, it prompts you to the first stage. Each level will take you to two or three consecutive stages with limited number of moves to consume. Interestingly, players can now switch the birds’ formation and decide which one should go first and which one to follow. Simply drag and hold your finger away from the slingshot to move the trajectory and release to shoot.  Like the first Angry Birds, each bird has their own special skills which you can activate after their launch. Basically, you can clear the level by defeating all the pigs. Players can also earn an extra card (move) by filling up the “Destruct O meter”.

Angry birds 2Lives System

An interesting addition for Angry Birds 2 is the Lives System which reminds me of King’s Candy Crush Saga. The player has a maximum of 5 lives to spare! You lose a heart (life) if you consume all your moves yet there are still remaining pigs left. Interestingly, similar to the Lives System of Candy Crush Saga, the heart will refill after 30 minutes. You can also earn extra lives through Rewarded Videos.

This particular feature, however, will have its own advantage and downsides. The Lives System will basically limit the time each player has to spend in the game. This will prevent them from getting bored due to repetitive gameplay. On the negative side, however, players who want to play more have no other option but to wait for more than 2 hours to get all the lives back. This is also the portion where microtransaction comes in.  Players can refill the lives by paying Gems which you can get from Daily bonuses and rewarded videos. Gems, on the other hand are part of the in-game purchases.

Download Angry Birds 2 APK - For Android/iOS 1Upgrades, Treasures, Quests and Campaigns

What gives Angry Birds 2 a commendable replay value are the upgrades and daily quests you can unlock. Unlike its predecessors, each bird here has their own skill set. You can upgrade each bird through Feathers which helps them increase their Bird Power. Players can also customize their birds by purchasing hats. Interestingly, hats are more than just decorative item. Players must collect a certain Hat set to upgrade the Slingshot to another level.

Treasures, on the other hand, allow you to unlock chests which come in various rarites; Common, Rare and Legendary. You can unlock common chest on certain time interval or through rewarded videos while the two other chest require gems. Players can also earn more rewards by completing daily quests and feats.

Download Angry Birds 2 APK - For Android/iOS 2Other interesting additions for this sequel are the new campaigns which you can unlock by reaching certain level. This includes the Daily Challenge Campaign, The Arena and the Clans. Arena acts as a PVP battle mode where you can fight against another player. Clans, on the other hand, is a guild system allowing you to interact with other online players.


Angry Birds 2 has so much to offer and it gives players a lot of features to explore. The well-improved graphics is the game’s notable strength and the multiplayer component makes it more enjoyable. The dynamically changing stage (pigs are changing their position in each retry) gives this game a remarkable replay value and unpredictability. All in all, the sequel embraces its root but offers well-polished and equally entertaining levels. A fun and addictive game indeed!

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