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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version3.4.2

Do you love Board games then you might consider Board Kings! I’m pretty sure that you have played tabletop games like Monopoly and Ticket to Ride. Interestingly, most of the tabletop board games that we used to enjoy can now be played on our mobile devices.  Monopoly has its own mobile version already as well as other popular games like Scrabble and even Snake and Ladders. Board Kings by Jelly Button Games will take mobile board game experience into another level. The goal is to build your own board, buy cool landmarks and connect with your friends online. If you think you can master this new mobile boardgame, feel free to explore Board Kings and see how far you can go.

Board KingsThe Gameplay

Board Kings comes with a simple set of mechanics. You start with an empty game board and you are initially allotted with 30 dice rolls. After choosing your peg, you may now start rolling the dice. Interestingly, the player will not start with any based money. In order to earn them, you must roll the dice and let the peg moves. Each time you step on a grid, you will earn money and you will use them to build landmarks on your gameboard. Unlike a typical board game, however, Board Kings will not feature a turn-based system.

This is not the type of board game where players are actively playing on one board. In this game, you are the only one moving around with a mere goal to earn as many as possible to unlock most of the game’s inviting features. The best part of Board Kings is the ability to visit other game boards owned by different players online. This is where the multiplayer element comes in. You visit a different board game and try to steal as many money as you can without being caught by the police.

Board KingsVisit Other Game Boards

The best part of Board Kings is the ability to visit other game boards. Interestingly, you can only get the chance to visit other game boards if you manage to land on the Train Station landmark on your own board. Board Kings, after all, is still a game of chance. Therefore, your journey will still depend on the result of your dice rolls. If you managed to land on the Train Station, the train will take you to an online player’s board (randomly generated). Here, you can have an entire round (you can move around the game board until you have reached your starting point again.

The steps will vary. A normal step allows you to win coins while others allow you to either own a landmark or earn bigger prizes. If there is one thing you need to avoid, it would be the cops. A board may consist of an overwhelming number of cops/police and you must prevent your peg from landing to their slot. Otherwise, your journey on that board will quickly end unless you pay for Gems to release you and continue. Once caught, the game will send you back to your board. It is also interesting to note that visiting other boards is the fastest way to earn money so be sure to make the most out of it.

Board KingsBuy Buildings and Invite Friends

Sometimes players will occupy some of your landmarks when they arrive on your board. To release them, you need to land on the exact area. Landmarks are what make this board game more appealing. Although most of them will not do anything other than being a decoration, they make the game an absolute visual delight. If you have reached certain levels, you will be able to unlock more buildings of different themes. You can customize your board according to your very own preferences.

Gems also play a crucial role in this game. First, it can be used to release you from being caught from someone else’s board. You can also use such currency for upgrades or buy extra rolls. It is also interesting to note that you can also invite your Facebook friends to play this game and earn various rewards in return. The rewards can be in the form of gems, gold coins, and extra rolls. Speaking of rolls, the game only offers a maximum of 30 Rolls and it refills automatically in certain time duration.

Board KingsThe Verdict

Board Kings is absolute fun. It’s simple yet undeniably addictive. The game provided a new approach to a typical mobile boardgame and managed to incorporate its multiplayer elements in a very creative manner. Appearance-wise, Board Kings is truly a visual delight. It offers colorful details and visually stunning 3D animation that is matched with well-fitting music to set the mood right. Overall, it is a well-polished game that works perfectly fine even without an Internet connection. Currently, the game is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download Board Kings for free. Good luck!

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