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download Last Day on Earth SurvivalNothing can be more terrifying than a zombie outbreak. We recently made an in-depth review of WarZ : Law of Survival by Noelle Collier. It is by far one of the most amazing horror survival games on mobile today. The game takes you to a more realistic zombie apocalypse scenario which will measure your logical thinking skills at best. Although it is generally a great game, it is not entirely original. The concept is merely a rip-off from Last Day On Earth: Survival by Kefir. If you love horror survival, you should definitely check and download Last Day on Earth Survival and see how you can survive.

Although it came first to WarZ, Last Day on Earth is still in beta phase yet it is hailed by Google play as one of the Most Innovative Games of 2017. Generally, the game takes you to a post-Apocalyptic period where the human suffers near extinction. You are one of the survivors who are lucky enough to live but your life is in great danger. You must find your way to survive this catastrophe. If you think you are skillful and brave enough to survive, download Last Day on Earth Survival and see how far you can go.

download Last Day on Earth SurvivalThe Gameplay

Last Day On Earth: Survival has a very interesting concept. You start off in an area which you initially consider home. The game treats you with an impressive 3D graphics in a semi-top down perspective. What really makes Last Day on Earth extra challenging is the fact that your character will start off with almost nothing. Initially, the character has no protective clothes, no food or water and you just have a trust cleaver knife. The starting point is not totally safe either as you can encounter numerous zombies along the way.

The controls are simple and easily manageable. You navigate around the area using the virtual joystick while actions are done by tapping their respective buttons. Take note that the core objective in the game is to survive and there are many factors that will challenge you along the way. The scenarios in this game are highly realistic. I mean, zombies may not come to existence but the game will put you in such realistic situation. A character may experience hunger, thirst, the urge to pee and the urge to shower.

download Last Day on Earth SurvivalSurvive

The best thing you will absolutely appreciate when you download Last Day on Earth Survival is the realistic situation. The law of survival will be applied in this game and you must find a way to survive. Be mindful that aside from the zombies, you will face other challenging factors in this game. Player must pay attention to the character’s hunger and thirst status. An icon will appear on top of your character if the character is hungry or thirsty. Take note that a character may die of extreme hunger and thirst. If the Hunger and thirst meter drops to zero, it will start to inflict direct damage to your health. If you do not make any immediate action, the character will suffer and die.

Other challenging factors that can harm you are the other survivors who scout and roam around different areas. Most of these survivors are armed who can attack you from nowhere. Wild animals like wolves may also be a big challenge. Of course, the zombies are the main challenge in this game. They come in different types. Some are just slow roaming zombies, others are viciously fast while some are terrifyingly mutated creature with dangerous abilities.

download Last Day on Earth SurvivalBuild Shelter, Craft Weapons and Scout Items

In the entire course of the game, you need to find ways to survive which you can do in many ways. The best strategy to maximize your survival is to build your own shelter. You build floors, walls, doors and windows from scratch. As long as you have enough resources, you can build your shelter in no time. To enter the building mode, simply tap the build icon. Shelters like any other items in this game are not entirely permanent. Zombies may destroy your house especially when they arrive in huge horde.  To strengthen your defense, you can set and surround your house with traps.

Weapon is an essential item in the game. All weapons are not permanent either. They all have their own duration and they have different damage rate as well. You earn weapons by crafting them. The tricky part however is the materials you need to make them. The materials are not readily available and you must scout them from other areas. In order to scout, you have to access the world map by simply running outside your boundaries.

A player can reach an area either by Walking, Running or through vehicle. Running will consume energy (you have a maximum of 100 and it refills automatically in certain time interval). Upon reaching a new destination, you will navigate around and search for any available resources. This is where the challenging part comes in. The player will have no idea on what he will encounter along the way. You must clearly pay attention to the navigational map to trace any approaching enemies or zombies (mostly marked with red).

Players will encounter abandoned boxes, chests, bags and luggage. These items may store different items which you are free to loot. Take note that you also have limited storage so better choose an item to loot wisely. If you get killed, all the items from your inventory will be lost. You can only obtain them by going back to the same spot you died.

download Last Day on Earth SurvivalVerdict

If you are looking for an intense and action packed horror survival, you should definitely download Last Day on Earth Survival! It has everything you need for this genre; the impressive graphics, the enigmatic atmosphere, the intensity and more. The realistic post-apocalyptic scenario makes this game truly a stand out. Although WarZ: Law of Survival fills all the gaps from this game, LDOE is still worth exploring. You might start the game a little rough but as soon as you establish a shelter and established enough resources, it becomes manageable. For greater challenge, try exploring military bunkers, it either put you in great harm or treat you with surprise!

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