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PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3 and up
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Latest Version1.43.2

Embark yourself in an eerie adventure with Seekers Notes. From the makers of the well-acclaimed Ravenhill comes another exciting hidden-object puzzle. Seekers Notes follows a story of a chosen one who finds himself on a mysterious land of Darkwood. The city has been cursed and you are the first person to visit the land only to find out that you are the chosen one who is destined to free Darkwood from such insane mystery. Your goal is to explore the entire city and unlock the mystery hiding within. If you love hidden-object puzzles and mystery, Seekers Notes is definitely a perfect fit. Feel free to explore this game and see how far your detective skills can take you.

Seekers NotesThe Gameplay

The mechanics for this game are very simple and easily manageable but the players are strongly encouraged to visualize the scenarios carefully in order to locate all the hidden objects before the time run out. If you are familiar with games like Mystery Case Files or even MyTona’s very own Ravenhill, then you should know how Seekers Notes works. The game features both Hidden Object puzzles and tile-matching challenge. Both puzzles should be solved in a very timely manner, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have to start the same level back from the very beginning.

For the Hidden Object Puzzles, your goal is to find all the missing objects from the given map and locate them before the time runs out. Located below the game screen is the list of objects you need to find. Simply look for the item on the given scenario and tap them to clear them off the list. The level is cleared when all items were found. You enter the tile-matching puzzle after solving three or more hidden objects. The goal is similar to any match 3 puzzles where you basically match 3 or more identical tiles on the grid to clear them off. You solve the puzzle by collecting all the tiles you need.

Seekers NotesExplore Darkwood and Unravel the Mystery

One of the best things you will surely appreciate with Seekers Notes is the compelling story. The game comes with an eerie and enigmatic story of a city suffered from a strange cursed that almost isolate them from the world. As you progress on the story, you will meet various people who will help and accompany you along the way. As the “seeker” or the chosen one, you are the only person who can see and unravel the secrets. Seekers Notes features a very huge map with various places to explore. Each features a hidden object map.

It is very interesting to note that players can explore the same map over and over but the challenge will never be the same as the item list often vary per attempt and their location on the map constantly changes too. Although you can explore maps anytime you want, your main adventure will still rely on your quests. The more people you meet, the greater the number of quests you will get. Eventually, you will also unlock other features that allow you to craft, engage with fortune-telling and numerous card and puzzle games.

Seekers NotesCollections, Diary, Crafting and Monsters

As a Seeker, you will embark yourself with many missions. This also allows you to get valuable items as your prize. Every successful mission grants you rewards in the form of additional experience, virtual coins and numerous items that you need either for a certain quest or for your collection. Collection allows you to earn valuable rewards. To earn these rewards, you must complete all the items you need and combine them. You can assemble such items as many times as possible. You will also encounter Guardian Quests which also allows you to earn rewards at a certain time duration.

Seekers NotesIf ever you got lost in the story, you can also check your diary to track your progress. This book will showcase all the people and mysteries you have encountered along the way. Crafting is also an important element of Seekers Notes. You can interact with the Fortune Teller, the Blacksmith or the Inventor to craft you the items you need. Some quests will also ask you to banish monsters that are lurking in Darkwood. Simply collect the items you need by solving puzzles and banish these pesky monsters to prevent them from causing any terror.

Seekers NotesThe Verdict

Seekers Notes is a game that requires your commitment. The game comes with commendable longevity with more or less 7000 puzzles to solve and more than 870 collections to unlock. Appearance-wise, Seekers Notes will surely not disappoint. The game comes with visually-stunning graphics that deliver the eerie and enigmatic atmosphere that this game needs. It is even matched perfectly with enchanting music to set the mood right. The hidden objects also incorporate well with the map. Most of them are hardly noticeable and requires you to observe keenly to win the game. Overall, Seekers Notes is a great game that you can confidently download on your mobile. The game requires a stable connection and also huge storage on your phone. Good luck!

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