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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size280.4 MB
Latest Version3.27.1

Merge Dragons will take classic merge games to an all-new level. The game takes you to the land of Dragonia, a place inhabited by colorful and powerful dragons. Unfortunately, the evil Zomblins cast a powerful curse that turns the land of Dragonia into a big chaos. In this game, you’ll meet Ezra, the last dragon of its kind. Your main goal is to help Ezra restore Dragonia back to its former glory. Interestingly, you are endowed with a magical power that allows you to match and merge anything on the land and turn them into a better object. If you think you can help the poor Ezra restore Dragonia and bring the peaceful harmony back, feel free to explore Merge Dragons and see how far your skills can take you.

Merge DragonsThe Gameplay

Merge Dragons, as what the title connotes, is a merge game. It takes you to a series of challenging levels with a varying range of difficulty. The mechanics are very simple yet surprisingly tricky and challenging. Generally, unlike a typical merge game, Merge Dragons will take you on a level by level adventure. The goal is to clear all levels by healing all the infected land using the Life Essence that you can obtain from Life Flowers and or by merging all the Gaia Statues.

Interestingly, Merge Dragons are not your typical merge game. It offers a lot of unique features that make this game more distinctive above the rest. First of all, the merge is done by not matching a pair but three identical objects. Simply drag all the identical objects adjacent to each other in order to form a new and better object. There will be a wide range of different species from trees, dragons, stars, and many other mythical creatures.

Merge DragonsExplore Tricky Puzzles and Unlock More Dragons

Merge Dragons comes with more than 900 quests to challenge your mind. Unlike your typical merging game, Merge Dragons will not just focus entirely on merging items and creating superior ones. Although it is a crucial element of the game, Merge Dragons take you to an entirely different adventure. Normally, in this game, it prompts you to a land filled with both green areas and those that are cursed. The cursed area can only be restored through life essence which you get by merging life flowers. The tricky part is that these flowers cannot emit life essence by themselves. You need a dragon to harvest them.

Dragons are unleashed by hatching dragons eggs (merging three identical dragon eggs). If you merge three identical dragons together, it will form a new superior dragon. Aside from the life essence, you can also merge the life flowers to those that are cursed to remove the void. Just take note that objects that are cursed cannot be moved so you better come up with an effective strategy to win the game. Interestingly, most levels will not require you to clear off all cursed land. As long as you managed to merge the three Gaia Statues, the game is cleared automatically. It is also interesting to note that there are more than 500 objects to match and interact in this game.

Merge DragonsBuild And Expand Your Dragon Camp

Aside from the main campaign, Merge Dragons also feature a camp building mode. There is not much of a challenge in this mode but there’s definitely a large area to explore. The camp mode allows you to take Creation quests which play a vital role in earning valuable rewards that are necessary for camp expansion. A camp is normally composed of green areas, cursed land, and land that are covered with clouds. To reveal those lands, you must be able to unlock dragons. The more dragons you have on your camp, the greater the area you can unlock and explore.

Interestingly, you can also visit your friend’s camp and compare your progress. You can connect the game with your Facebook account and play this game with your friends. Eventually, you will also encounter Challenges and Star Haven campaigns that allow you to win more valuable items and prizes. Overall, Merge Dragons has so many great features and it offers a lot of areas to explore. What you will surely appreciate is your progress and how wide can you expand your camp.

Merge DragonsThe Verdict

Merge Dragons is truly an excellent merge game and it takes this classic genre into an all-new level. It comes with visually stunning details and animation and is accompanied with well-fitting music that sets the enchanting mood perfectly. Generally, it is a simple yet fun and entertaining merge game that you can confidently include on your mobile game list. Feel free to explore this game and bring the Dragonia back to its former harmony. Currently, Merge Dragons is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this epic game for free. Cheers!

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