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download Power Rangers Morphin MissionsGo, go Power Rangers! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! I’m pretty sure that those who grew up in the 90s will still remember this epic group of surperheroes! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is the first ever Power Ranger series from the franchise which is now a pop culture icon. The massive commercial success gave birth to movies, video games and toy figures. Interestingly, Power Rangers fans may now have a nostalgic gaming experience if they download Power Rangers Morphin Missions on their mobile. Join Tommy, Kimberly, Jason, Zack, Trini and Billy as they fight and stop the dark forces and save the world!

Power Rangers Morphin Missions will take you to series of epic missions with varying range of difficulties. The main objective is to stop Rita Repulsa and her minions from their treacherous plans. Interestingly, this game offers a visually stunning presentation which is all based from the illustrations of the award-winning Boom Studios. If you think you can help the rangers in their mission, feel free to download Power Rangers Morphin Missions!

download Power Rangers Morphin MissionsThe Gameplay

Power Rangers Morphin Missions is a multidirectional action game. It takes you to a semi-top down battlefield where you can freely roam. The mechanics are very simple yet requires skills to maximize your chances in winning. Here’s how it works. The main campaign takes you to one mission after another. The objective for each mission will vary. Some requires you to eliminate Putty Patrollers while some levels take you to a stealth mission.

The number of rangers for each mission is also changing. Some levels only require two while other will require more. You can also go on a mission alone. You cannot however pick your desired character as the system is the one that picks them. Controls are easily manageable. You can navigate around by simply moving and swiping your fingers around the screen. Attacks on the other hand are automated except for special skills which you can activate by tapping their respective buttons.

download Power Rangers Morphin MissionsUnlock Them All

Interestingly, if you download Power Rangers Morphin Missions, you do not have access to all the Power Rangers yet. You can unlock the characters by completing certain missions. The initial member that you can control is Tommy (Green Ranger). Eventually as you complete succeeding missions, you can unlock Kimberly (Pink Ranger), Zack (Black), Billy (Blue), Jason (Red) and Trini (Yellow). Other notable characters from the series will make their appearance too. Zordon and Alpha 5 will guide you along the way.

Another noteworthy feature in this game is the fact that they remained faithful to ranger’s comics’ counterpart. The rangers will have the same classic costume and also their distinctive weapons and abilities. Each character earns certain amount of exp points for every successful attack which fills up the Power Charge meter. Once complete, you can activate the skills by tapping the button on the left side panel.

download Power Rangers Morphin MissionsUpgrades And Challenges

To make your characters more effective and efficient in each mission, upgrading them is definitely a must! Head over to the Upgrade page to improve the ranger’s basic attributes. Using the XP points you earn per level, you can improve their Health, Move Speed, Attack Speed, Bonus Damage and Power Recharge. If you do not have enough XP points, you can convert Crystals to XP and vice versa.

Aside from the main campaign, players can also explore the Challenges mode. This will take you to a quick mission (often with time limits) where you can earn bigger rewards in return. I also like to note that the game takes you to a dynamically changing location or map which gives you refreshing atmosphere in every challenge.

download Power Rangers Morphin MissionsVerdict

Power Rangers Morphin Missions is truly a great game that every Power Ranger fans will appreciate. It has a decent replay value and longevity. It has an impressive graphics which is perfectly matched with well-fitting music and voice overs. They sound like the real actor who portrayed them in the series which makes the game a lot more nostalgic. If you love Power Rangers, this game is definitely something you can include on top of your game list! It’s Morphin Time!!

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