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Latest Version1.2.7

Simple, fun and insane! I guess that is how you can perfectly describe this new game from Voodoo. Crowd City is a tactical game that will put your skills on a great test. I’m sure you are familiar with some popular “io” games like and Interestingly, Crowd City somehow follows the same concept. As what the title of the game connotes, the goal in this game is to gather the most crowd within the given time frame. You can do so by creating clones or by consuming your enemies. The player with the most number of clones after the given time wins the challenge.

Crowd CityThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Crowd City are very simple. Interestingly, unlike most Voodoo games, Crowd City is not a game related to balls and it also features a more polished graphics and bigger map to explore. Basically, here’s how the game works. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted into a 3D map with your avatar. Initially, you will only have one avatar to control. In order to grow your numbers, you must wander around the map and merge with the passerby.

Avatars are marked by their colors. You can pick your own color prior to the game. Those that are colored white are considered neutral. Meaning, no one owns them yet. Once you touched these neutral avatars, their colors will change identical to yours. So unlike the classic, the avatar in this game will not grow in size but the number of crowd will increase. Players are given with 2 minute time frame to gather crowds and the player with the most number of clones will win the game.

Crowd CityConsume Other Players

The best part about Crowd City is the multiplayer function. Much like other aforementioned io games above, Crowd City features multiple online players. It’s a real time strategy multiplayer game so you are basically dealing with real online opponents. For each challenge, there will be ten online players on the field which includes your avatar. The number of clones plays a crucial role in this game. First of all, this will determine your rank once the challenge is over. The higher your rank is, the higher the prize you will get.

Secondly, your number defines your power. If your number is bigger than your opponent, you can consume them. Let’s say you got 50 clones and the nearby opponent only has 20, you can confidently conquer them. Simply approach them as quick as you possibly can, corner them and clone their members up to the very last avatar. Killing opponents will dramatically increase your number.

Crowd CityUnlock New Avatars

One of the interesting elements of Crowd City is the ability to customize your avatar. Initially, you can pick among the basic avatars which are characterized by simple colors. Eventually, you can unlock more colorful skins. You can unlock some of them by collecting certain number of stars which you earn from each challenge. Some avatars can also be unlocked by accomplishing certain tasks like playing the game in consecutive days and more.

Colorful Map and Ranking System

Crowd City is also notable for its visually stunning atmosphere. The 3D map is truly striking and also new to Voodoo because their games are often characterized by overall simplicity. This one however put the game into an all new level. It also comes with a navigation guide where you can track the nearby opponents and the number of members they currently has. This will serve as your guide whether it is safe to confront them or not. There’s also a ranking system which gives this game an incredible replay value and commendable longevity.


Crowd City is generally amazing and surprisingly addictive. The concept is really engaging and the fact that it is presented in an impressive 3D interface, Crowd City took the typical io games into an all new level of entertainment. It has a remarkable replay value and definitely worth playing with. The game is currently available for both iOS and Android devices and you can download Crowd City for free. Good luck and have fun!

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