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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
Size547.1 MB
Latest Version1.6.7

Tsuki Adventure takes you to a unique adventure. The game is generally described as an Idle Journey and Exploration game. It follows a story of Tsuki who was caught up with the busy life in the city. His eagerness to escape the stressful life, he decided to move out and live a more peaceful life. Luckily, Tsuki inherited a carrot farm from his family in Mushroom Village. Now he is up for a new beginning. Tsuki Adventure is a merge between RPG and Idle Game with some notable virtual pet elements. If you think you can help Tsuki find joy in his new life, feel free to explore Tsuki Adventure and see what else this unique game has to offer.

Tsuki AdventureThe Gameplay

Tsuki Adventure is unique in many aspects. It has RPG elements on it where you play the role of Tsuki and follow him in his wonderful journey in Mushroom Village. Interestingly, the game also works as a virtual pet game as you help Tsuki in his daily life and provide him things he needs. Although the game clearly mentioned that Tsuki is not a pet as he can work on his own and that’s where the idle game element comes in. Some of the features of this game work automatically even without the player’s interaction.

Farming is the most important element of this game. However, unlike a typical farming game, you do not have have to plant crops. The one you manage is a carrot farm and the only crops you deal with are carrots. Interestingly, it also works as the virtual currency of the entire Mushroom Village and even in nearby cities which you will eventually explore. From time to time, you will be asked to interact with various villagers who will help and accompany you along the way.

Tsuki AdventureA Virtual Life with Tsuki

Interestingly, Tsuki Adventure is not your typical idle game. It is not the type of game that requires you to be committed all the time. You can open this game even just a few times a day just to check the progress and what Tsuki is currently up to. Tsuki will write his diary and you can collect them all. The only idle part of this game that works even if you are offline is the carrot farm. You can harvest the crops every 2 hours. From time to time, some of the villagers will ask you to watch a rewarded video in exchange of fertilizer or additional carrots.

As you wander around the Mushroom village, you will encounter various villagers and shop owners. There’s a merchant store that allows you to buy different kinds of stuff which could unlock some secret areas in the village. There’s also a ramen shop, a bar, a workshop and more. Some areas will become accessible for a limited time depending on the current flow of the story. You might eventually find yourself fishing with your buddies or playing other games using the items you bought from the shop.

Tsuki AdventureHidden Surprises and Collectibles

Tsuki Adventure is somehow unpredictable. You can never tell what kind of journey you are up to. The game allows you to unlock some hidden surprises in which some are simply beyond expectations. Aside from the Mushroom village, you will also get a chance to travel to nearby cities. From time to time, the train station will open that will bring you to two special places; the Great City and the Yukiyama. Great City requires a Golden Ticket which is worth 1000 Carrots. It is a Metropolis city where all animals unite.

Yukiyama, on the other hand, requires Yukiyama Silver ticket which is also worth 1000 carrots. Yukiyama is described as a snowy paradise. There is also a Club Moon that requires you to be part of the Club membership in order to gain access to their facilities. Another reason to enjoy this game is the overwhelming number of items you can collect from the gachapon machine.

Tsuki AdventureThe Verdict

Simple, fun and surprisingly relaxing. This is how you can perfectly describe Tsuki Adventure. The graphics are visually stunning and the game is perfectly matched with well-fitting music that sets the atmosphere and the mood wonderfully. It may not offer much compared to most idle game that we used to play but Tsuki Adventure is definitely worth playing with. After all, this very light mobile game doesn’t consume much of your phone storage. Currently, Tsuki Adventure is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this unique game for free. Cheers!

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